Homeopathy for Healing Emotional Trauma

If you’ve read my blog for more than two days, then you probably know that I believe that emotional trauma is a factor in most chronic illness. In some ways, it’s more irritating than the bugs and their blankie biofilms, because healing it seems to be even less cut-and-dried than getting rid of infections. At least I have found it to be so, especially because healing trauma tends to conjure up for me images of having to mentally relive painful memories and strive mightily in my conscious mind in order to be well.

Fortunately, releasing emotional trauma can sometimes be accomplished without the use of muddy cognitive therapies. Sometimes, the road can be more straightforward. Homeopathy, among other energy medicine strategies, can take you on such a road, and especially when you are working with a competent practitioner, because all you have to do is take a remedy. Just like when you nuke the bugs with antibiotics.

There is a catch, though. The effectiveness of homeopathy depends largely upon the homeopath’s ability to discern the proper remedy, given your symptoms, character and history. All three must be taken into account when deciding upon how to heal trauma, and it’s not as easy as it sounds to determine which remedies will work for a sufferer. So finding a skilled and experienced soul is key.

So how is emotional trauma healed with homeopathy?

Most often, homeopaths take a sequential approach in chronic illness, by making notes of a patient’s history through time, and prescribing remedies according to that history, in reverse chronological order, because this is how the body naturally heals. So newer traumas are treated first with specific remedies for each “event”, followed by older ones. Also, the skilled homeopath will take into account the patient’s symptoms and character to determine priority in remedies.

Recently, I took Aconite 200 to heal from the events of 9-11 (since I was based in New York with United Airlines at the time). The onset of my Lyme anxiety began around the time of 9-11, 2001, and hence, my homeopath determined that this was the first “event” that needed healing in my body.

In about a month, once the full effect of the Aconite 200 has taken effect in my body, I will be given a remedy for another event. Yes, the process can be slow but healing from the Lyme complex and chronic illness is sluggish affair, anyway.
I’m learning to be patient.

If you have Lyme disease and your current strategies don’t seem to be impressing the bugs, consider the possibility that there may be emotional trauma hindering your healing. If this is the case, I would recommend homeopathy as one way to deal with it. Why not? The remedies are safe, inexpensive, and if you get a good practitioner who charges fairly for his/her services, it may end up being one of the most effective and painless remedies you try.