Teaching Events

Leading Others Into Wholeness

Upcoming Teaching Events

Beginning late 2021 (October) I will be doing periodic online teachings as well as group coaching meetings on a variety of topics related to spirit-soul-body healing, including the following:

  • Hierarchy of healing: Spirit, soul and body
  • Relationship with God and His Word as the foundation and cornerstone of healing
  • Supernatural solutions for living in a toxic world
  • Deliverance and the role of soul wounds/trauma and demons in disease (and how to heal and get set free!)
  • Spirit-led brain training: Guard the Mind, Mend the Body
  • Mold: Is the best strategy medicine, avoidance, brain training or ???
  • Tools for healing depression in neurological disease: spirit, soul and body
  • Nutrients for restoring cognition, memory and mental function in Lyme, mold and related illnesses
  • Balancing your hormones after age 40 (or before!)
  • Lifestyle strategies for wellness
  • Creating an environmentally-friendly home
  • How to set healthy boundaries in relationships and the role of healthy/toxic relationships in disease.
  • Tools for preventing “the bug” and effects of “the j—”
  • The role of love in healing and finding your life’s purpose in loving others with the love of God
  • Hope for the future: Heaven is for real, and how and why we can see our loved ones in Heaven (based on my story of having lost my husband but then received revelations of him in Heaven!)
  • Finding meaning, purpose and joy amidst a world of chaos
  • The role of forgiveness and renouncing bitter root judgments and vows in recovery
  • Choosing to live