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What if the most powerful tool that you have to heal from complex chronic illness isn’t found in medicine – but in God and the power of your mind? What if “healing in body, soul and spirit” is the wrong order of things, and God really meant for you to be healed in “spirit, soul and body?” What if the most effective way to recover from any chronic disease is by strengthening your spirit and relationship with God—first and foremost—and utilizing the strategies that He has given you in the spiritual realm to heal?

Medicine and lifestyle strategies are also important, of course, but chances are, you will experience better results in your recovery when you take “a top-down approach to healing” and focus on the health of your spirit first, followed by the right lifestyle strategies and medical tools to heal your soul and body.

In this teaching series, I share with you a new approach to healing from complex chronic illness that involves all of these things, and more! The series, which includes 22 lessons (each approximately 30 minutes long), will teach you the basics of how to be healed: in spirit, soul and body—by harnessing the power of God and the spiritual realm; your mind, medicine and Spirit-led lifestyle strategies—among other tools.

The program also comes with an 80-page companion workbook with activities to complete following each lesson, and Scriptures to meditate on to help you in your journey toward wellness and wholeness!  I encourage you to print out the workbook so that you can write in it and refer to the content anytime, anywhere you go!

Discover tools that actually work, and which are based on my 20 years of medical research, revelations from God, and personal experience!

Following are the topics that are covered in the teaching series:

Lesson 1 – The Hierarchy of Healing: Spirit, Soul then Body

Lesson 2 – Get to Know the God Who Loves You and Your Identity in Christ

Lesson 3 – Be Healed Supernaturally and By God’s Spirit

Lesson 4 – Discover the Voice of God and How Praise and Worship Heal

Lesson 5 – Create Life or Destroy It with the Power of Your Tongue

Lesson 6 – Practice Holy Spirit-Led Brain Retraining

Lesson 7 – Heal Your Heart from Trauma to Be Restored from Disease

Lesson 8 – Forgive Others and Renounce Judgments and Inner Vows

Lesson 9 – Overcome a Poverty Spirit and Receive the Spirit of Prosperity

Lesson 10 – Develop Life Giving-Relationships as the Foundation of Wellness

Lesson 11 – Get Set Free from Demonic Oppression

Lesson 12 – Remove Curses That Cause or Contribute to Disease

Lesson 13 – Discover Your Life’s Purpose and Destiny Scroll in Heaven

Lesson 14 – Cultivate Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Optimal Health

Lesson 15 – Thrive with Foods that Fit a Unique You

Lesson 16 – Detoxify Your Body and Home from Environmental Pollutants

Lesson 17 – Find Better Solutions for Sleep and Restore Your Rest

Lesson 18 – Support Your Body with Bio-Identical Hormones and Supplements

Lesson 19 – Balance Your Brain Chemistry to Improve Your Mood and Mental Function

Lesson 20 – Combat Chronic Fatigue and Increase Your Energy

Lesson 21 – Discern the Best Treatments for Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease and Other Infections

Lesson 22 – Prosper and Be in Health in the Midst of a Challenging and Changing World

May you be blessed as you discover a better way to heal from complex chronic illness! J