And Speaking Of Emotional Trauma…

My right leg hurts. For the past month I have been suffering from a tension, like a cord being pulled taut, from the base of my sacrum all the way down to my calf. My knee and the muscles in my leg also ache.

This isn’t a Lyme disease thing; I’ve never had a problem with my legs, not since the start of my descent into Lyme hell four years ago, anyway.

Neither is the pain the result of an injury. Unless something shifted in my body when my feelers were down and caused this lovely guitar-string-like phenomenon, physical injury hasn’t been the reason for it, either.

Speaking of strings, I don’t need you to whip out your violins for me (But thanks for your sympathy!). I’m surviving and still walking, despite the vehement protests of my leg, and…my subconscious.

Yes, my subconscious. You see, I think this thing is the result of emotional trauma. If, after all of my ramblings on the subject, you still don’t believe that emotional trauma can cause physical symptoms, then let me just delve a little more into the story of my leg!

In my book, “The Lyme Disease Survival Guide: Physical, Lifestyle and Emotional Strategies for Healing,” I describe how Lyme disease and emotional trauma (because the two often go hand-in-hand), can be healed with Quantum Techniques, a strategy in energy medicine that discerns and heals subconscious, and unconscious, emotional trauma as it heals infections.

Last month, I telephoned my QT practitioner to get some hormone help. What I ended up with, after my over-the-phone session with her, was a new symptom. This glorious hip-to-calf pain in my right leg.

Subsequently, I learned that it had surfaced as a result of the initial session to get my hormones straightened out. In Quantum Techniques, this can happen, as old traumas surface when other problems are healed. And emotional traumas often clamor to be heard through physical symptoms, which are then corrected by QT strategies.

While I was dismayed to learn that this remarkable therapy could cause entirely new symptoms to occur (be aware of this possibility if you try Quantum Techniques),
I was also fascinated when my practitioner told me that some subconscious part of me was literally trying to keep me from “moving forward”, in a certain area of my life, due to a fear I have in this area. The fear was actually triggered by a recent experience and it manifest in the form of a symptom during my QT session.

My practitioner tried to release this symptom through the use of energetic codes and other QT strategies. Sometimes, the codes are effective for healing trauma, but not always. So far, my body has been resisting treatment for this fear issue, perhaps because it has deep roots in my subconscious mind, and dismantling it will take some time. What I don’t doubt, however, is that the pain is a direct result of the fear (which was caused by trauma in my early life). The links between cause and effect are just too obvious to me.

I’m not despairing, though. I believe that all things happen for a reason, and if I have been allowed to gimp along for a month, then it’s because I need to pay attention to this fear and heal it, however God may lead me to do that.

Don’t discount the power of the body to communicate with you through symptoms. While healing chronic Lyme disease is a straightforward matter for many, more about infections than emotional trauma or a disconnect in the spirit, for others, it is only one piece of the pie that is chronic illness. The others are about brokenness of spirit; of lies we’ve learned to believe and traumas that have never been healed.