The Bionic 880…The Best Thing For Borrelia, But What About Co-Infections?

Last week, I posted the blog addy’s of three Lyme disease sufferers who have recently traveled to Germany to receive treatment for Lyme with the Bionic 880, the latest (and maybe greatest) bio-photon device for ridding the body of borrelia infections.

In following these people’s informative blog posts in which they describe their experiences with the Bionic 880, amidst amusing and entertaining anecdotes of their “Lyme vacations” to Germany, I have come to a few preliminary conclusions about this device. I say “preliminary”, because how well the device can completely eradicate chronic Lyme, with its multiple co-infections and miscellaneous issues, such as heavy metal toxicity, multiple chemical sensitivities and other biochemical dysfunction, remains unknown. The German patients who have been treated with the device have experienced tremendous success in their healing, but it is thought that this is because they have more clear-cut cases of Lyme, with borrelia being the principal culprit behind their symptoms.

Likewise, the three sufferers from the States who have posted on their experiences in Germany, from what I have inferred from their blogs, seem to agree that the Bionic 880 is indeed effective for ridding the body of borrelia, but that because the physician who performs the treatments is less experienced in treating some of the co-infections (due to German patients not having the same complicated mess of infections as we Americans), the machine’s effectiveness for some co-infections has been untried and is therefore unknown.

But that doesn’t mean that it can’t heal co-infections and biochemical dysfunction. The Bionic 880 works effectively in conjunction with homeopathic nosodes, which contain the bio-energetic blueprint of the pathogen being treated and which are placed on the patient while he/she receives treatment with the photon device. Thus, it would seem that any type of infection could be eradicated, if only the proper nosode for the pathogen or toxin were developed and used in conjunction with the device. That possibility is indeed encouraging!

One blogger wrote that the doctor told him that simply using a blood sample as a homeopathic nosode could be effective for treating co-infections, since the blood contains all of the body’s infections; however, if this were true then I wonder why patients wouldn’t be treated in this manner from the outset? I mean, why use a borrelia nosode if your blood is a homeopathic blueprint for all the infections in your body? I’m probably missing something here, but I can’t help a little preliminary analysis. I’m not in Germany, so take my musings with a pinch of salt.

Furthermore, testimonials on the Bionic 880 demonstrate that it can heal a multitude of ailments, including some types of biochemical, such as hormonal, dysfunction. So it would seem that it also has the potential to fix some of the so-called miscellaneous problems of chronic Lyme disease, but what it can and cannot do exactly, remain fuzzy issues because its potential has not been fully exploited and probably few practitioners are knowledgeable about how to do that.

In the meantime, if you have a lot of dough (because going to Germany for three weeks and purchasing a device or simply receiving treatments is gonna cost you), and know that borrelia is a big problem for you, then shlepping your body overseas for a little Lyme vacation in the black forest may be well worth the effort and expense.

If you think your borrelia infection is pretty much under control, however, but you are still fighting co-infections and/or other issues, you might want to do some more research or wait to hear from other Lyme guinea’s about the Bionic 880’s effectiveness for such problems, before hopping on a plane and blowing a hole into your bank account (the size of the hole, of course, dependent upon the size of your savings!).

Finally, I want to thank the bloggers (and you know who you are!) for informing the rest of us about your experiences in Germany. It has been fun and encouraging living vicariously through you and learning about this exciting new device! 🙂