Healing Is A Full-Time Job

Healing Is A Full Time Job

If you are not working due to Lyme, do you ever wonder what happens to all that time “off”? Do friends and family ever ask you what you do all day long and wonder how it’s possible you aren’t bored?

The concept of boredom is foreign to me. Even though I don’t work at a paying job, I’ve discovered that treating Lyme is my unpaid, full-time job! Really, I can’t believe how much time I spend trying to annihilate what is perhaps the most complicated disease on the planet.

Just keeping a schedule for my supplements and adhering to it is a gargantuan task. Prior to illness, I had a memory like a flea for taking any kind of pill. Now, I am the champion of vitamin-supplement gobbling, but trying to do it all right is nonetheless an effort.
Why, just take a look at my morning schedule…

9:00 AM- thyroid medication
9:30 AM- salt/C, siberian ginseng, khella and andrographis
9:45 AM- Rizol pure ozonated essential oils
10:00 AM- Breakfast, fish oil, spirulina, and resveratrol
11:00 AM—Iron with another salt/C dose
12:00 PM—chlorella
12:30 PM—Ozonated oils
12:45 PM- Lunch, magnesium, minerals, resveratrol, calcium

The rest of the day doesn’t get any better.
So I’m constantly asking myself all day long which medication or vitamin I need to take next…
Add to this grueling supplement regimen the following; three hours of daily mental therapy (prayer, meditation, binaural beats, visualizations, etc.), three more hours of physical therapies (exercize, sauna, Rifing, enemas, etc.), and another two to three hours of other Lyme-related stuff—ordering supplements, going to the doctor, doing research, answering e-mails, etc. and the day is gone!

Am I insane for maintaining such a regimen? Maybe, but I feel it’s also necessary at this juncture in my healing. I’m sure I’m not the only one with a schedule like this, either, but to anyone who dedicates time and effort towards their healing, I just want to say, We Lyme disease sufferers deserve a prize for all this hard work! 🙂