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Connie Strasheim

I am the author, co-author or ghostwriter of 20 health and wellness-related books, as well as a health coach and prophetic healing prayer minister. I love helping people to find freedom from disease, emotional wounding and spiritual bondage by providing cutting-edge healing solutions through my books, coaching services and prayer ministry sessions.

As part of my work, I have collaborated with some of the world’s most gifted healers and integrative doctors to write books on Lyme disease, cancer, chronic fatigue, nutrition and environmental illness—among other topics. My most recent ghostwritten books as well as my personal books have averaged 4.5-5 star ratings on Amazon and have reached thousands of people worldwide.

For more information about my coaching and ghostwriting services, please click here.

I also share God’s love and healing power through individual and group coaching and prayer ministry, believing that wholeness- not just health- is God’s desire for all of us, and that, as Jesus Christ said, “… the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up.” (James 5:15, NIV).

My coaching approach is unique in that I focus on healing from the “top down,” (spirit-soul-body, not the other way around!). Therefore, I address first the health of the client’s spirit and relationship with God; then, the health of the soul (or mind and emotions) and finally – the health of the body. Most of us do it the other way around, which leads to limited results. But our spirit was created, in cooperation with God’s Spirit, to have dominion over our soul and body – and when our spirit is given priority and becomes the head, not the tail, of who we are, then we can be healed on a deeper, more profound level. Therefore, my coaching approach incorporates strategies for strengthening the spirit and growing deeper in connection with God, as well as tools such as prayer and counseling for healing emotional wounds and trauma; and finally, medicine and nutritional remedies/lifestyle tools for healing the body.

And on another note…

…I’ve just released a memoir about my life with my Beloved late husband Bill, how he taught me to love, and what God revealed to me about him in Heaven following his transition in April, 2020. If you need hope about Heaven and the Afterlife, please read this book!


Discover a More Effective Way to Be Healed from Complex Chronic Illness… in this New Teaching Series!

A Top-Down Approach to Healing: Spirit, Soul and Body

Teaching Program Contents:

Lesson 1 – The Hierarchy of Healing: Spirit, Soul then Body

Lesson 2 – Get to Know the God Who Loves You and Your Identity in Christ

Lesson 3 – Be Healed Supernaturally and By God’s Spirit

Lesson 4 – Discover the Voice of God and How Praise and Worship Heal

Lesson 5 – Create Life or Destroy It with the Power of Your Tongue

Lesson 6 – Practice Holy Spirit-Led Brain Retraining

Lesson 7 – Heal Your Heart from Trauma to Be Restored from Disease

Lesson 8 – Forgive Others and Renounce Judgments and Inner Vows

Lesson 9 – Overcome a Poverty Spirit and Receive the Spirit of Prosperity

Lesson 10 – Develop Life Giving-Relationships as the Foundation of Wellness

Lesson 11 – Get Set Free from Demonic Oppression

Lesson 12 – Remove Curses That Cause or Contribute to Disease

Lesson 13 – Discover Your Life’s Purpose and Destiny Scroll in Heaven

Lesson 14 – Cultivate Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Optimal Health

Lesson 15 – Thrive with Foods that Fit a Unique You

Lesson 16 – Detoxify Your Body and Home from Environmental Pollutants

Lesson 17 – Find Better Solutions for Sleep and Restore Your Rest

Lesson 18 – Support Your Body with Bio-Identical Hormones and Supplements

Lesson 19 – Balance Your Brain Chemistry to Improve Your Mood and Mental Function

Lesson 20 – Combat Chronic Fatigue and Increase Your Energy

Lesson 21 – Discern the Best Treatments for Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease and Other Infections

Lesson 22 – Prosper and Be in Health in the Midst of a Challenging and Changing World

Discover how to be healed from complex chronic illness in this new, 22-lesson teaching program, designed not only to heal you, but make you whole! In this program, you will learn how to harness the power of God’s Spirit, along with your mind, medicine and lifestyle tools for wellness, in order to recover from disease – once and for all! Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes long, and the program includes a companion workbook with activities to complete following each lesson. Discover the tools that actually work, and which are based on Connie’s 20 years of medical research, revelations from God, and personal experience.

Just released! New book

Guard the Mind, Mend the Body: Heal by Harnessing the Power of God’s Spirit, Mind Renewal and Neuroplasticity

What if the most powerful tool that you have to heal from complex chronic illness isn’t found in medicine – but in God and the power of your mind? What if “healing in body, soul and spirit” is the wrong order of things, and God really meant for you to be healed in “spirit, soul and body?” What if the most effective way to recover from any chronic disease is by focusing on and strengthening your spirit and relationship with God—first and foremost?

The good news, science and the Bible have proven that you can overcome chronic illness through the Spirit of God and your mind. This is because your mind and spirit—in cooperation with the Spirit of God—are the most powerful parts of who you are, and are designed to be the master controllers of your body’s chemistry. And once you learn how to cooperate with God for your healing, and renew your mind with the help of His Spirit, you can overcome all things.

Discover how, in this thought-provoking book that reveals the interconnection between divine healing, mind renewal and neuroplasticity, and how you can be made well by implementing the principles of each, along with cognitive, behavioral, lifestyle and medical tools for wellness.

When Connie met Bill, an older man with congestive heart failure who lived in the middle of nowhere in Texas, he didn’t fit the profile of what she wanted in a husband. She would have never imagined that she’d fall in love with him, or that he’d end up becoming the greatest joy and inspiration she’d ever known. Or that God would use her relationship with him to teach her about His love, and what it means to love another sacrificially, through the extreme challenges of chronic and terminal illness.

Even more, she would have never dreamed that God would use Bill’s passing and the trauma of his loss to take the fear of death from her, teach her about Eternal love, and show her—and all those who have ever lost a loved one—the beauty of Heaven and the glorious afterlife that awaits those who love and trust God.

Through Connie and a friend’s prayers, and a series of Heavenly visions and encounters with Bill, God revealed His love to Connie, the majesty and glory of Heaven, and the beauty and glory of a man, who, although he had left the Earth, still loved his beloved Connie more than ever.



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Recent Books

This book combines wisdom on divine healing and natural medicine to bring you better answers for healing from depression, in spirit, soul and body!


Learn about how ten of the world’s leading doctors treat Lyme disease in my new and best Lyme book, New Paradigms in Lyme Disease Treatment.


Do you battle chronic insomnia? Are you frustrated because nothing seems to help? If so, check out my latest E-book and discover novel, outside-the-box tools for restoring your sleep that are based on what I learned through my near-decade long battle with insomnia.


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