Stupid Days

Do you recall that old Sesame Street song you used to hear as a kid? It started out like this…”Sunny days, sweeping the, clouds away… And then the music…Dee dum dum). Well, I had a new version of that tune playing through my mind today. It went…”Foggy days, bringing the, clouds to stay…” And then my music: De dumb dumb…

Can I vent for just a moment? I mean, you might feel better just knowing you’re not the only foggy froggy freak on the planet. We all know that our fellow Lymies have mental symptoms, but how often do we get an example of what that looks like?

It never fails to astound me what an utter mess this illness can make of my neurons. The cognitive effects of this bug on the brain are unbelieveable, and not just with regards to emotions or poor memory. While these are troublesome symptoms, tonight I have a different bone to pick with Bb, and it has to do with the critters switching my mind over to tortoise speed, or worse, brown slug speed…When this happens, I want to throw my computer out the window and forget attempting to put any of my garbled-up thoughts into words.

Yeah, consider that it just took me nearly an hour to crank out four measly paragraphs on the below EMF post. Besides the sheer block of not knowing what to say or how to say it, I kept hitting the “delete” key to fix transposed words, agreement errors and rediculous redundancies. That’s the tortoise brain in action! Woo hoo, look at it go! Okay, so spending an hour on four simple paragraphs wouldn’t be so bad for someone who doesn’t write, but, for pete’s sake, I wrote a blasted novel before I got this bug!

Ah, but I can only complain so much. Kicking and screaming, I grudgingly admit that on some days, I have return glimpses of times when I could run like a hare…and not only in writing, but in all things. Days where tasking felt efficient, and the hours and production mill ran like clockwork. I guess it’s good for all of us to try to reminisce and be thankful for those times, whenever we have a foggy tortoise frustrating day, isn’t it? And tonight, I only write this last paragraph because I need a good dose of my own medicine.