The Negative Effects Of EMF’s

Did you know that your hair dryer and your clock radio may be hindering your healing from Lyme? Actually, the effects of these sources of electromagnetic fields on your body may be less than that of your cell phone or computer, but the damage which outside EMF’s may contribute to a body ridden with Lyme are thought to be profound. Yeah, I know that your cell phone helps you to pass the time with a friend on your two-hour commute to work, and that portable heater which warms your poor hypothyroidic body in the winter feels so toasty good, but consider that these, as well as any other device that you can plug into the wall, can affect your cells’ energy and hinder your healing.

Yet, the damaging effects of EMF’s seems to be a secondary concern for Lyme disease sufferers as the harm done is somewhat unquantifiable and attention to other environmental toxins takes precedence. But consider that Quantum Physics states that all matter–and that includes every cell in your body–is made up of energy, and that inter and intra-cellular communication isn’t carried out strictly on the level of physical matter…that is, via hormones, cytokines and so forth, but also through energy channels in the body! In fact, it’s thought by some scientists that information transfer between energy signals is more efficient than through chemical signals (ie, hormones).

Outside EMF’s can disrupt the body’s energy signaling processes and hence intercellular communication, as well as interfere in DNA, RNA and protein synthesis, as well as alter other cellular processes besides. If we are really beings of energy as much as we are physical matter (or more so!) then it would seem that our healing from Lyme could be compromised by environmental EMF’s.

Unless you live in a tent on an isolated beach in the Pacific, (and even then you’d still get some EMF exposure) you can’t completely avoid being affected by EMF’s. It’s not reasonable to assume that most of us can live as beach hippies on a remote corner of the planet, but we can reduce our exposure to harmful EMF’s in a number of ways. Minimizing cell phone use, unplugging appliances when not in use, especially in the bedroom at night, buying a protective laptop screen and purchasing an EMF protection device to wear on the body are a few ways you can help keep your cells safe from damaging energies.