Success With Salt/C!

A number of Lyme disease sufferers have wisely chosen salt/C as a primary bug-killer protocol, but have lost their brains when it comes to its proper application. I, by the way, am one of these, because I’ve chosen to do a number of adjunct therapies, which is thought to complicate healing.

I’m not saying you’re stupid if you are following a salt/C protocol according to your own devices, (I’d never call anyone stupid!) but you might not get the results you hoped for if so. Proper application of the method has been described on the yahoo! group Lyme Strategies, and the group’s moderator, Marc Fett, emphasizes following the protocol exactly in order to obtain health benefits from it in a safe, effective manner. Why? Because it’s been tested and proven to work in a specific way, rather than any which way!

The deviations abound….maybe you get too ambitious, and ramp up from one gram of salt to twelve in a week, or ignore the proposed diet and keep pasta in your plan, or use a type of salt other than that advocated on the LS website, or don’t follow the guidelines for drinking water, or end up taking too much or too little salt or C over the long haul.
Add to that, doing other Bb protocol as yours truly here and you discover that there are a thousand and one ways to fall off the prescribed path.

I might just wag a finger at this stage and say, “Take your salt/C like you’re supposed to!” but then I’d have to point that finger back at myself because I’ve not managed to stay on track, either.
So perhaps we need to consider instead why we fudge in the application of the protocol, before we decide to go into Salt/C Rehab.

First, consider that intuition might be speaking to you more powerfully than reason. And its messages may behold wisdom, even if these fly in the face of evidence. In this case, and if you are discerning, then why not heed its voice? On the other hand, if your decisions about salt/C are based on irrational fears or not examining the true evidence of its effects, then what’s the excuse? Or did you just not read the salt/C guidelines?

Finally, do you make suppositions about the protocol based on guestimation? Do you decide to take only six grams of salt instead of ten because you’re also taking antibiotics? The effectiveness of salt/C combined with other protocols hasn’t been established. You may be hitting the bugs with multiple arsenals but you can’t estimate the strength or effectiveness of either when these are combined, and doses altered. Think carefully about this last one.