What to Do About the Never-Ending Quandary of Mold Toxicity?

I have been pondering and praying a lot lately about the issue of mold toxicity. As many of you know, it has been given a lot of attention in recent years – in part because doctors are discovering mold to be a huge factor in many diseases, including Lyme. I also think it may be becoming an increasingly important problem due to the proliferation of electromagnetic fields in the environment, which cause mold to multiply exponentially and become more virulent.

But the big joke (or frustration, depending on how you see it!) with mold sickness seems to be that to heal, you need to be in a “mold free” environment. After speaking with my publisher and friend Bryan Rosner, who has been doing mold avoidance for about a year now and is doing very well! – and researching the topic extensively, I think there are truly few places that qualify as “mold free.” You can live in the desert, or perhaps find a relatively low mold-free place to live in one of the four driest US states: Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and perhaps areas of Northern California (I may be missing a few but there are not many). It’s kind of a joke…

Mold tests are not accurate, and remediators often miss it, too. We spent 13 K to “remediate” our former home and the problem got worse (as usually happens with even professional remediation). Further, mold treatments only help so much unless you are in a “mold free” environment. However, I know some people have improved doing mold treatment without having moved to the middle of the desert – but are they truly well, or just well enough to live a normal life again? Or did they happen to find housing that was truly mold free?

Others have found healing from mold toxicity by doing Dynamic Neural Retraining, but mold treatment experts like Neil Nathan, MD, have not found brain retraining to be sufficient for completely restoring many people who are mold toxic. Yet I have met a handful who felt they fully recovered with DNRS alone.

What I currently believe about mold toxicity is this: it is a huge problem, but equally troubling is that we have made it a big problem by our excessive focus on it. Does God not have better answers than to move people with mold toxicity to the middle of nowhere, where they can’t be a part of society anymore? Does He not have better answers than to have people move from one home to the next and then the next, in the elusive quest to find “mold free” housing? How about spending thousands of dollars, year after year, on mold treatments, only to find out that you are still mold toxic because you are bringing in penicillium spores from the outdoors, which easily colonize on furniture?

Yep, it’s not just about water damage. As our environment grows increasingly toxic, it becomes increasingly difficult for many of us to find “safe” housing that doesn’t make us sick. This is a fact. This is the truth. And the highest truth and best way for some of us to heal may be to do treatment, find mold-free housing, or to live in the desert.

But God’s Word also says that “the prayer of faith will heal the sick” and that the Spirit of God lives in those of us who have received Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. And the Spirit of God can manifest divine healing and divine life through us. These are all higher truths that supersede the truths of the physical realm. We are also called to be in the world to be a light to those who are lost and who suffer. How can we do that if we aren’t in society because we have to live in a tent in the desert or constantly manage symptoms?

I don’t know, and I have taken measures to avoid toxins myself, with beneficial (albeit imperfect) results. But, as the world becomes increasingly more toxic, I realize the day will soon come when there are no more places that are truly “safe”. Yet I believe that because God created the world, and because He is bigger, greater and stronger than all the garbage that surrounds us, He has supernatural provision for those of us who will trust in, lean on and believe in Him. Indeed – supernatural solutions for living in a toxic world!

And to the degree that we lean on, trust in and have faith in Him, and learn to live in His love, and surrender to His Spirit within us, is the degree to which we will be unaffected by the toxins around us and within us. It’s not a formula though, and few of us could swallow a gallon of gasoline without getting sick, but I feel that focusing on “the wind and the waves” in the desperate search for the next great medical answer, is not where it’s at. I am currently pressing into Him for the higher answers, and I feel He is giving me revelation. 🙂 

As I prepare to do some group coaching courses this year, I think this is one area I will be focusing on. Anyone interested? (Please email me if so! Connie9824@aol.com). In the meantime, I still eat my greens, take my toxin binders, retrain my brain, and renew my mind daily to conform to His Word, as I look to Him who has all knowledge and wisdom…and the keys to freedom, which can unlock even the strongest and most complicated of cages.