Tracey P

“I have had back problems since I was 18 years old (I’m now 49) and my back randomly “goes out” on me. I sometimes would have pain that would last hours, days, weeks and months but I could always make it to a doctor or my chiropractor within a day for some relief. One night, I felt my back twinge as I bent over to put clothes in my dryer, so I knew I had to be extra careful to prevent it from turning into a problem. The next morning I woke up in horrific pain. It was unlike any pain I’d ever had before. My entire right side felt as if all my muscles had been torn in half and I could barely make it the ten steps to the bathroom. I could hardly hold up my body and the pain was excruciating with every step, every movement, every breath I took. My family doctor called in 800mg of Motrin and a muscle relaxant and I had Percocet from a previous back episode. I was taking all three of these (as prescribed) and it was barely helping. I couldn’t get to the chiropractor. I was helpless and in so much pain. 

On day three, Connie happened to be holding a prayer conference call. I prayed about it and heard I should call…so I did. I waited for somewhere like 1 1/2-2 hours as others were prayed for and during this time I was in so much pain I almost hung up quite a few times. It was late in my time zone- almost midnight- when I spoke up and Connie listened as I explained my dilemma. Connie, Bill and another prayer warrior prayed for me. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit flow over me. After I hung up, the pain was still at extremely high levels, but sleep finally came over me. When I woke up the next morning…my pain was down to very little! I could walk to the bathroom, downstairs, and move only with mild discomfort. All the glory to goes to God! He was so great to deliver me from my pain through Connie and Bill. It was so incredibly amazing! He is so good! He works through others and Connie is definitely anointed in the healing realm. 

Connie’s prayer conference was such a blessing! I’m so happy I listened to God and waited for my turn rather than hang up. He is always full of grace, mercy and blessings.”

-Tracey P.