Danielle De Luca

“Connie has been an inspiration to me for several years now. She’s a strong, brave warrior and her battle and recovery from Lyme disease and co-infections have also greatly inspired me. She’s been an advocate for me and so many others. She has been a light of hope in a world of darkness and pain. She has a kind, generous and compassionate heart and spirit and I am blessed and honored to know her.
I started calling in to Connie’s prayer calls a couple of years ago. At that time, I would just cry and stay silent and listen to her pray for countless people who were sick and suffering on the call. And she still does these prayer calls, which last over 3 hours sometimes! And she does this out of the goodness of her heart. She has helped so many people and I am one of them. Connie’s prayers are so powerful and her ability to call on the Holy Spirit and the presence of the Lord on behalf of many sick and suffering people, is truly a gift from God. I have also made some best friends on these calls; people who have become my family.
I’ve also been blessed tremendously by Connie’s teaching webinars! She puts so much thought and time into them and they truly are essential guides for life! Her teachings on how to overcome spiritual warfare and how to have authority in Jesus Christ are crucial for all of us. She is blessed with the ability to understand others’ pain and takes the time to listen, and that alone has had a huge healing effect on me.
I would love to see Connie holding in-person prayer conferences! I trust her with my life and I mean that sincerely. I look up to her and I’m so grateful that she is my sister in Christ. She has prayed for me one on one as well and has made time for me in times when she’s already had her plate full with endless work loads. I have been blessed by Connie and so have countless others. Thank you so much dear Connie for all that you are and everything that you do. So grateful to God for you. I love you!”

-Danielle D.
New York, NY