Lyme Disease: Don’t Bother with the Bugs Unless You Attack the Biofilm

Treating chronic Lyme disease is a quagmire for even the most brilliant of minds. The multiple systemic infections involved in Lyme disease makes it incredibly difficult to create antimicrobial protocols that will effectively target all of the infections.

To make matters worse, the bugs congregate into communities and cloak themselves in polysaccharide blankets of sorts- basically, a thick, slimy self-generated protein and sugar “goo,” which effectively shield them from detection by the immune system and render them invincible to anti-microbial remedies.

It’s funny, because I have found that at times, I will test negative for active Lyme infections via muscle testing and through Zyto and other electrodermal screening devices, but I have found that if I look at my blood through a microscope, I still have some bugs playing in and around my blood cells.

And I can swallow massive amounts of herbal remedies and take all kinds of antibiotics, and will not experience any kind of detoxification, or Herxheimer reaction whatsoever. Which would lead any doctor who uses ART or other forms of muscle testing, or a Zyto device, to conclude that I don’t have infections in my body, or that the infections are so low-grade that they shouldn’t be bothered with.

Well…I used to think this was the case- but I’m not so sure anymore. First of all, no testing method is perfect and I surmise that most types of testing- muscle testing, Zyto and even traditional blood tests- are inadequate for always determining the presence of microbes that are cloaked in biofilm.

Which would also explain why I don’t react strongly to antimicrobials, since biofilm-protected bugs can become invincible against antimicrobials, unless you take a biofilm-busting agent along with the antimicrobials. Plus, some tests only measure the presence of infections that are a problem for the body at the present time, -but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t others hiding from the immune system somewhere in a protective biofilm blanket.

I don’t know how else to explain why some of the best doctors who have muscle tested and Zyto-ed me have proclaimed the Lyme infections to not be an issue for my body, since, if I take a drop of my blood and look at it under a dark field microscope, I can still see critters swimming around. Unless of course, they are different bugs that my doctors neglected to test me for-  rare parasites or some strain of bacteria that no blood test is yet available for.

When you get Lyme disease, you never get rid of all the microbes, short of a divine healing miracle from God- which is why I find it hard to tell people that you’re never really “cured” of Lyme. In the absence of a perfect healing from our Creator, the best you can hope for is to knock the infections back enough to where they are no longer a problem for your immune system and you become symptom free.

Although that said, I know truly few people who are completely symptom-free from Lyme disease.  Don’t be dismayed, though. Lots of folks with Lyme are functional and feel well, and few people in our society- Lyme disease or not- walk around with no symptoms, and neither are they bug-free.  Life without bugs isn’t a realistic expectation in the society we live in, anyway. Life brings on a variety of aches and pains and even people who don’t have Lyme disease aren’t exempt from feeling badly from an undiagnosed bug, environmental toxin or hormonal imbalance.

But back to the biofilms….I’ve been researching Lyme disease for a long time, and I don’t think you can truly have success at treating this disease unless you also attack the fortresses that the bugs build to protect themselves from antimicrobial remedies. Taking routine doses of enzymes such as boluoke, serrapeptase, nakkotinase, and others is good, but sometimes it’s not enough, especially when the blood is really viscous, or thick, and the enzymes, antibiotics, herbs, and the like can’t reach the deeply entrenched bugs.

Many people with Lyme disease, if not most, suffer from hyper coagulation, and must also take substances that will seriously thin the blood. Enzymes can do this to a degree, but sometimes heparin, or stronger combination enzyme products such as Biopure’s Rechts Regulat or Neprinol: may be more helpful.

Or taking traditional enzymes such as bolouke and lumbrokinase in higher amounts, and rotating the enzymes, may bring breakthroughs when other strategies fail to do so. Unfortunately, some doctors believe that a lot of people are allergic to heparin (I was), so high doses of combination enzyme products such as Rechts Regulat, may be a better choice.

Also, at a recent ACIM conference this weekend, I spoke with a sales representative for Hydrosol Silver (Natural Immunogenices) who claimed that Hydrosol Silver can break through most biofilms. Silver is a potent antimicrobial that apparently also has biofilm-busting properties. If this is in fact true, it would be great news for those of you who have plateaued in your healing journey.

Regardless, biofilm renders bugs tough to get at, so it’s important, whatever antimicrobial protocol you are doing, to include generous amounts of biofilm-busting substances into your treatment regimen, to ensure that the most deeply-entrenced bugs go to where they are supposed to go- and that is out of your body!