How Blessing Your Kidneys and Adrenal Glands Can Give You Energy

Most of us think of adrenal fatigue as purely a physical problem- the result of an accumulation of life’s stressors, or chronic illness. But adrenal fatigue can be a spiritual problem, as well. According to minister Arthur Burke, founder of Sapphire Leadership Group, in his 7-CD series, Fractal of Two: Adrenals and Kidneys the adrenals and kidneys store thoughts and emotions, and even think and judge, like our minds.

On his product description site, Arthur writes:

“The concept of the heart as a spiritual organ is quite well established in Western theology. The Bible, however, includes the adrenals and kidneys as playing a strategic role in the spiritual climate of a person.

The kidneys think, and the thoughts of the adrenals and kidneys are so significant that God specifically judges them for how righteously or unrighteously they think. Their contribution to the spiritual condition of the spirit and body is immense.

They are also the seat of a wide range of emotions, from fear to sorrow to joy. And those emotions seem to be more spiritual than merely soulish.”

He also contends that they seem to play a large role in attaching covenants- or negative agreements that result from our unhealthy affiliations with others- to our body and soul.

Arthur has discovered that speaking specific blessings over the kidneys and adrenals can cause them to release negative thoughts, judgments and emotions, in ways that aren’t fully understood. This results in a strengthening of these organs, and with that, the immune system. As this happens, the body detoxifies both physical and emotional toxins.

I purchased this CD set, and was struck by Arthur’s warning at the beginning that just listening to the blessings could cause a detoxification reaction in my body. I was equally struck by his contention that many people had experienced significant shifts in their energy and sleep as a result of listening to, and receiving, the blessings.

When I emailed him to ask for specifics, he said that of approximately 24 people that had underwent a pilot test of listening to these blessings for six weeks, 10 had experienced radical improvements in their symptoms, and 12 had moderate improvements. Only 2 had no change in their symptoms.

So I decided to listen to the blessings- six weeks’ worth- and I admit that over the past month, I have been more emotional, tired and irritable, and haven’t slept all that well. Detox? Well, maybe…

I consulted with a friend of mine who is also a spiritual deliverance minister and very attuned to the voice of God, and asked her whether she thought that the blessings were causing my body to detoxify. Her reply was, “Yes, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is what’s happening to you.”

I don’t fully understand how Arthur has made these correlations with the adrenals and kidneys, and how he has substantiated their basis in Scripture, or the Bible, but he has apparently seen people’s energy, sleep, emotions and other issues improve when specific blessings are spoken over these body parts. He also has a remarkable ministry based on blessing the spirit (which is significant, since the spirit controls the soul and body).

What I do know is that since I’ve been listening to the blessings, I’m not quite as functional and emotionally stable as usual, so it’s possible that my body is dumping toxins as these organs are getting stronger. Medically, it has been proven that the body stores emotions in the organs, and that the adrenals and kidneys are typically associated with fear. Fear and being stuck in “fight or flight” mode are a main trigger for immune suppression and illness, so releasing the emotions, beliefs, covenants- or whatever happens to be “stuck” in these organs, I believe can open a lot of doors to wellness.

So at present, while I can’t yet endorse adrenal and kidney blessings as a means to heal from chronic illness or adrenal fatigue, I am tentatively optimistic that they could be a powerful spiritual tool for healing. Because when our body, soul or spirit receive a spoken blessing, God’s power is literally released through those words, into our being.