The Lyme Awareness Art Project

Linda Eaton Marcille, an artist who suffers from advanced neurological Lyme disease, has devised a unique and creative way to raise awareness about Lyme, by creating a website where artists can post their work and stories related to the disease.

This site, called The Lyme Awareness Art Project (see:, was borne out of Linda’s own suffering from Lyme disease. As she describes on her site, she wanted to find a way to transcend her suffering and provide herself with a sense of purpose, and she has done just that by establishing a site where other Lyme disease sufferers can share their stories and their artwork. Indeed, if you visit her site, you will find the sentiments of other Lyme sufferers expressed in the powerful language of images and pictures.

I learned about Linda’s project when she invited me to place my book cover from “The Lyme Disease Survival Guide” in her cyber gallery. My sister painted the cover for this book, and on Linda’s site you will find a description of the cover, along with the reasons why my sister and I chose its design. In addition, you will find interesting works of art from other Lyme disease sufferers, along with the stories that inspired them in their work.

Art is a great way to raise awareness about Lyme disease. May you be greatly blessed, Linda, for helping other Lyme disease sufferers to share their stories, and for creating greater awareness about this disease through your amazing cyber gallery!