Bach Flower Remedies for Mind-Body Healing

Did you know that flowers can heal? Yes, their brilliant shapes and colors warm the soul, and their scents bring life to the senses, but there’s more to flowers than just their physical attributes.

Like everything on earth, flowers have energy, and that energy can be harnessed to effectuate changes in the body through remedies such as those designed by Dr. Bach. Similar to homeopathy, Bach’s flower remedies use the energy of substances to heal, with the difference that Bach flowers impart the desired energy of a substance into the body, rather than the substance of what is causing a person to ail (as in homeopathy). Both approaches work, however, and the desired substance of the Bach flowers are energies that create positive, or “higher” states of being, which alter a person’s state of mind, thereby creating a healing effect upon the entire body.

Dr. Bach believed that all illness originates from a disconnect between our personality and soul (or higher self), and that by bringing the self into line with the soul, the body will respond by healing. This is accomplished by giving the body flowers that create a state of mind that is opposite to that which is causing the problem in the mind and body. The most effective treatments are those that address the root cause of emotions, thoughts and beliefs. For instance, a person may be fearful, but because various flower remedies exist for treating fear, it is important to know why the fear persists, because different flowers address different causes for fear.

So how can Bach flower remedies help Lyme disease sufferers? If you believe in the mind-body connection, and that feelings and thoughts can govern the body’s response to illness, indeed, even create or eradicate it, then you may find Bach flowers to be useful in treating Lyme disease. While they cannot, in themselves, kill infections, they can alter states of mind so that the immune system responds more adequately to infections.

I have not known anyone to use Bach flower remedies specifically for Lyme disease. I have known people to use them for mental disorders, however, such as anxiety and depression, with varying degrees of success. Since Lyme affects the central nervous system and the aforementioned are common symptoms among sufferers, why shouldn’t we try flowers instead of anti-depressants as a first line of defense against such symptoms?

Also, while I am skeptical that Bach flowers can heal a person fully from Lyme disease, certain flowers are specific for healing chronic illness, and that may include Lyme.

A friend of mine here in Costa Rica lent me a manual on Bach flower remedies. In it are documented cases of different types of healing that have resulted from taking the remedies. Everything from schizophrenia to herpes to digestive disorders have been healed with flowers. Even some chronic illnesses, although the data I found in the manual for these was not extensive. Furthermore, response to the flowers varies dramatically, depending upon the accuracy with which they are prescribed, as well as a person’s biochemistry and adherence to a regimen. Results for some have been nothing short of dramatic.

In any case, and unlike pharmaceutical medications, the flowers are gentle and have no side effects. So why not try a few for healing your body of the mental symptoms of Lyme disease? You just may heal yourself from other symptoms of illness, as well.

What’s more, if you understand how the flowers work and are able to discern which ones would suit you best, then you can prescribe a regimen for yourself, without the help of a specialist. This can be accomplished by studying the troublesome character traits, belief systems, symptoms and feelings that each specific flower addresses, and then preparing a remedy by correlating your symptoms with the appropriate information.

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