Not Healing From Lyme Disease? Some Other Toxins To Consider

When treating Lyme disease, most of us know that in addition to our borrelia infections, it’s important to test for, and appropriately treat babesia, bartonella, ehrlichia, and perhaps mycoplasma. We also know it’s wise to go after heavy metals and candida in order to attain a full recovery. But how many of us go beyond that? Are there other infections or toxins contributing to our symptom picture that we need to be looking at?

Having recently learned about a multitude of toxins that I carry in my body, I would like to share some of these with you, because they are common to many with chronic illness. They may provide you with food for thought about the junk that you’re carrying in your body, too.

***Pesticide residues. Unless you have eaten 100% organic food your entire life, lived in a bubble and performed regular chelation protocol, take it for granted that you’ve got pesticide and other chemical residues from food hanging out (or inside of!) your cells. These may or may not be causing you symptoms.

***Other chemicals, such as DDT, jet fuel, formaldehyde, petroleum, benzene and asbestos. Just for starters. Take it for granted that any man-made chemical that you’ve been exposed to, recently or in the distant past, has left its mark on your body. Developing effective chelation methods for these is paramount, and will become more vital as we continue to pollute our planet.

***Vaccination residues. I would strongly advise against ever getting a vaccination. Their supposed value, (which has been touted by pharmaceutical companies, who benefit financially from the sale of vaccines) is strongly debatable, and they harm the body in a number of ways. The mercury used in vaccines is especially harmful, and the inflammatory response they cause can last for months, even years. Such prolonged inflammation wrecks the body in a number of devastating ways.

***Heavy metals from our parents. Did you know that you can inherit metals from your parents? Yes, it’s possible to be born with metal already in your tissues. So keep on chelating, because chances are, your heavy metals have built up over a lifetime and you won’t get rid of them overnight.

***Parasites. I hate to break the news to you, but babesia isn’t the only parasite you’re likely to be carrying. Filaria, chlamydia, giardia, scabies and a host of others run rampant in the chronically ill (and perhaps even in those who aren’t chronically ill!). Parasites can be difficult to get rid of. Regularly performing a parasite cleanse can help to eliminate some of these tenacious critters. Formulas with wormwood are particularly helpful.

***Mold and other fungi. Don’t rely on standard blood tests to detect mold. Most of us suffer from the effects of mold toxins; they are just too easy to get, and treating them is paramount to recovery from illness. It may seem implausible, but mold can disable a person just as much as Lyme disease, depending upon how efficient your detoxification mechanisms are. Get a good visual contrast test:, and check out one of Dr. Schaller’s books for learning how to treat mold. Some common, and pernicious molds, include: aspergillus, stachybotrys, coccidiomycetes, and cryptococcus, but there are others, too.

***Viruses. Oh my. The list of viruses we all carry could go on into infinity. Most of us harbor a multitude of viruses, only some of them active. However, ridding the body of them is important, because those that aren’t active may one day give us problems. One virus often found in Lyme disease sufferers is leukemia. Yes, cancer is thought by many to be viral in origin, and there is a theory that leukemia is one of the biowarfare co-infections that was packaged along with Borrelia and Company. Don’t despair; it may never become active in your body, but if you have a Rife machine, run the frequencies for leukemia. Rife machines are thought to be exceptionally effective for treating cancer (one man I know has successfully treated 490 out of 500 people with cancer, with the use of a Rife machine alone…shhh, don’t tell the FDA), so the $1,000-$2,000 investment for a machine is well worth the expense. Other viruses commonly found along with Lyme disease include: coxsackie, herpes (all strains), cytomegalovirus, EBV, borna, parvovirus, hendra and nipah. No, I don’t know the ramifications of letting the suckers sit dormant–but each of those that I mention can cause devastating symptoms, so if you can treat them without too much adverse suffering, please consider it.

***Food preservatives. The residues from preservatives such as parabens, nitrates and nitrites, can stay in the body and wreak havoc upon our tissues. Consuming food in its natural state is of utmost importance. Preservatives have a cumulative, detrimental effect upon the body, so stay away from them, as much as possible.

There’s more, my friends. Much, much more. The above-mentioned are just to give you an idea of some of the common toxins that are found in those with Lyme disease, and perhaps even the general population. How can we possibly treat for all of them, or how can we know which ones are causing us problems?

Well, short of strategies found in advanced energy medicine…we can’t. But we can do the following:

1). Strengthen the immune system, through proper diet and a healthy environment. That includes living with people who give us more joy than grief; eating organic wherever possible; avoiding synthetic and chemical exposures, and living a healthy lifestyle overall.

2) Employ “catch-all” healing strategies that will address the removal of multiple infections. A good Rife machine will remove many pathogens; homeopathic nosodes can be tailored to eradicate many of the above infections, as can energy medicine modalities such as bioresonance and quantum techniques, which make use of the body’s own energy to repel pathogens so that they leave the body. Other remedies exist.

3) Formulate a detoxification protocol to address the wide variety of chemical and heavy metal toxins. This may be elaborate and involve several different toxin binders, since not all are created equal, nor are they all designed to remove the same types of toxins.

4) Practice prayer and emotional healing strategies. Harnessing the power of the divine and employing cognitive strategies helps the body to heal. Envisioning pathogens leaving the body as you claim God’s promises of healing can conquer any creepy crawly thing that doesn’t belong in your cells. Dealing with past emotional trauma strengthens the immune system and triggers a release of pathogens, as can other strategies. This component of healing should not be overlooked, as it can be a powerful factor in recovery.

Forgive me for offering general suggestions here. Offering specific solutions for all of the aforementioned would require a dissertation, and this is just a wee blog post. Hopefully, however, it will provide another piece to your healing puzzle, and help you to determine what healing strategies will work best for you. And…if you’d like to see a more elaborate list of toxins commonly found in the chronically ill, send me an email, and I will share with you what these are.