The Emotions Behind Our Symptoms

You know that bugs are busting your biochemistry. You may also believe that emotional trauma has contributed to its breakdown. But did you know that certain conditions in Lyme disease can be caused by, or exacerbated by specific emotions, traumas or beliefs? According to the founders of Quantum Techniques,, Beth and Stephen Daniel, they can. I have been performing bi-monthly sessions with Quantum Techniques since last August, and have realized great improvement in my symptoms with this therapy. Many of those improvements have been due to the release of emotional trauma in specific areas of my body, so the mind-body connections that I outline below make sense to me. Perhaps they will make sense to you, too, and you’ll find correlations between your symptoms and the emotions and/or belief patterns associated with these.

Acne. According to QT, if you are a chronic sufferer of this condition, you might believe that it isn’t OK to be beautiful. Discovering why you feel this way and healing the trauma behind the false belief can help rid you of this problem.

Bladder infections. People who get these frequently often have rage issues. By taking steps to forgive others who have wronged you, you may get fewer bladder infections.

Blocks to spinal adjustments. Yes, many of us with Lyme disease need not bother with a chiropractor, since we tend to not hold our adjustments. Lyme loves to hang out in our vertebrae, but did you know that emotional trauma is another reason for the body not accepting spinal adjustments? Specifically, fear and hyper-vigilance as a result of trauma are held in the spine.

Constipation and other digestive problems. Trauma is also held in your guts, and can contribute to leaky gut in Lyme disease sufferers. Dealing with that trauma, however possible, can be important for healing.

Electromagnetic Field Intolerance– If you tend to get symptoms after working on your computer or talking on your cell phone, or you know that you are sensitive to EMF fields, consider that an inability to set healthy boundaries may be contributing to the problem. People with boundary issues tend to have a hard time allowing good into their life while keeping out the bad. Harmful outside energies–whether from people, parasites or things, affect them more than those who don’t have boundary troubles. Fix the boundary issues and EMF’s will be less of a problem.

Endocrine Dysfunction. Trouble with the HPA-axis, while fouled up by borrelia, will never work right if you live in a chronic state of uncertainty, fear or anxiety. You must work on these emotions if you want your endocrine system to function properly.

Exhaustion While caused by Borrelia and Company, exhaustion is often a result of being emotionally overwhelmed. Take a step back, breathe, and pray. Focus only upon today’s tasks without worrying about tomorrow’s. That broken relationship or financial problem will eventually get solved. It is amazing how much emotional stress can cause fatigue.

Herpes Yes, many Lyme disease sufferers also carry various herpes viruses. I personally think that this is one of the infections that was “packaged” along with borrelia when it was released into ticks, but the development of an active herpes infection is thought to be related to feelings of shame, as well as to unforgiveness. Forgive those who have hurt you, and work on healing those issues that caused you to feel bad about who you are today, and you just might get rid of that re-curring infection.

Immune System Dysfunction. Hold onto your breath. This one is for all of us. Immune System Dysfunction is strongly linked to fear. Did you develop Lyme disease during a stressful time in your life? Are your thoughts mostly negative, or critical? Is your past marked by lots of trauma and conflict? You can be sure that fear has contributed to the breakdown of your body. Unless you deal with the sources of fear in your life, your immune system will struggle.

Insomnia. Believe it or not, if you have ever experienced a trauma while lying in bed, this can contribute to sleep problems. If, for example, you used to hear your parents fight while you were tucked in-between the sheets, or you were attacked while lying down, you may have trouble sleeping now. Granted, I feel that Lyme infections are a more important cause of insomnia, but healing any bed-related trauma may help to fix this problem.

Kidney Dysfunction– The kidneys are also one of fear’s favorite places to hide. Deal with the sources of fear and you may experience fewer kidney problems.

Liver Problems. In Lyme disease, the liver must contend with detoxifying a multitude of toxins, but you can help it in its job by resolving your anger problems. In Chinese medicine, anger is often held in the liver, and by releasing that anger in a healthy way and practicing forgiveness, your liver may in turn function better.

Menstrual Cramps and Physical Pain. This one is interesting. If subconsciously, you feel that you deserve to be punished for something, the body will use pain to send that message to you. Discovering whether this harmful belief is a part of your biochemistry, and then disabling it, can reduce pain symptoms.

Muscle tension. This symptom is frequently associated with the body being “locked” into a fear state. (Man, that fear really tears up the body, doesn’t it?). Specific traumas, that leave a person in a position of being “braced for attack” often leave a person’s body in a perpetual state of tension. Unforgiveness is also implicated in chronic muscle tension.

Obesity. Metabolic inefficiencies, such as the improper use of leptin by the body and hypothyroidism, cause this problem in Lyme disease. However, if you have ever been deprived of food for an extended period of time, or feared not having enough to eat, this can also contribute to your weight problem. Death camp survivors often struggle with obesity for this reason. Healing the trauma can fix your metabolism.