The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments– Bryan Rosner’s New Book

When I was first diagnosed with Lyme, my dentist non-chalantly advised me to look for a Rife machine. This was before I knew that alternative solutions to antibiotics existed for treating Lyme. My internet search promptly took me to an invaluable source of information and what would be my first step towards health: Bryan Rosner’s book, Lyme Disease And Rife Machines. In addition to offering hope for treating Lyme through electromedicine, the book became my initial and vital link to any and all subsequent information about how to treat Lyme. Through it, I found threads to on-line support groups, information on other therapies, and so on. I am eternally grateful for the hope and healing I found in this book.

Recently, Bryan has released another book, entitled, The Top 10 Lyme DiseaseTreatments. This exciting new volume contains information on what to expect in your journey as a Lyme disease sufferer, including problems with diagnosis and treatment and how to choose from amongst a plethora of available protocols. It outlines and describes five core protocol for treating Lyme, including: antibiotics, the Marshall protocol, salt/C, detoxification and electromedicine (Rife machine therapy). Following are sections on what Bryan describes as the five supportive supplements, to include systemic enzymes, mangosteen, lithium orotate, Coenzyme Q-10 and magnesium. Finally, it describes methods for developing a treatment plan and finishes with appendices full of references and other information. For more in-depth information on the book, check out:

If this book is anything like Lyme Disease And Rife Machines, then I know it will be a rich source of information and healing for me and many other Lyme disease sufferers. So check it out!