Fed Up With The Lyme Regimen

I don’t know why I’m complaining. Just because I have a few dozen Lyme disease therapies I’m supposed to do everyday. Everyone has a regimen, and I should consider myself fortunate because mine isn’t as strictly regulated as the healthy human who has to get up at the same hour everyday, to drive to the same job and do the same things until the same hour in the evening.

Still, being busy all day long with therapy “have-to’s” can be wearing. I don’t have any sort of paid profession, yet I don’t have much free time. And it’s all because of therapy obligations. A healthy person might read this and think, “Well, then, what do you DO with your life?”

Let me preface this answer by stating that I usually get about 14 hours of wake time in my day, since I sleep the other ten hours. And since my brain and body don’t function well on most days, it takes me longer than the average human to get things done. So between yoga, body brushing, prayer and visualization therapy, binaural beat CD therapy, enemas, epsom salt baths, fixing nutritious meals, Rifing, doctor appointments, saunas, on-line shopping for supplements, research and all the time that it takes to mix n’ match and gobble up those thousand supplements, my hours are filled up.

On days when my symptoms flare strongly, I resent pouring thousands of hours into this routine. With fatigue and pain weighing heavily upon me, and with brain fog as my companion, I wonder at the sense of all the hours seemingly wasted on therapy nonsense.

But then brain fog, fatigue and pain retreat for awhile. And with each day that I am freed from their agonizing presence, the sunshine seems to grow ever warmer, the colors of life ever brighter, and my energy seems to soar a little bit higher. And then the tedium of the regimen dissipates a little, as I realize that in the end, it’s all going to be worth it.