Full Moon Critter Blast

Ever wonder why those werewolf and other grisly stories are created around the full moon? Did you know that hospitals and prisons are fuller during this phase of the lunar calendar, as well? Guess what! The moon makes folks crazy and sick!
Yeah, I know the full moon is absolutely stunning and all, and if you think I’m party pooping all over this magnificent planet, I’m not. After all, it’s really not the moon’s fault, but the organisms that live inside of us which cause the craziness.

Who knows why, but organisms love to party and copulate during the full moon. And if you are loaded with pathogens, you may feel terrible around the full moon as they become more “active” in your body!

Most LLMD’s recognize that Lyme symptoms tend to “flare” every four weeks. Some think that the flare coincides with a phase in borrelia burgdorferi’s life cycle. I happen to think it’s just the full moon that does it.

I’m personally annoyed that I have to feel like crap during this lunar phase. But I’ve discovered that there IS an advantage to the pathogens coming out to play. They become more susceptible to Lyme treatments! It isn’t just Lyme critters, either, as other pathogens come out to dance during the moon, and theoretically, they should be more susceptible to treatments, as well.

So I nuke ’em hard during this phase. With my herbal remedies, I double the dose for anywhere from 3-6 days prior to the full moon. I use my Rife machine on Full Moon Day.
I take twice as much salt (on the salt/C protocol) and I’m usually rewarded with a healthy dose of fatigue, brain fog, depression, and perhaps a colorful rash or cute little Bartonella cat scratch.
FYI, I tend to have a high tolerance for treatments, so if you decide to ramp up on a treatment during the full moon, do so with caution, and with just one treatment at a time until you know whether your body can tolerate the Herxheimer reaction that happens with the additional bug die-off.

And if you don’t have Lyme disease but notice that your friends and loved ones are in a foul mood on Full Moon Day, have compassion on them. They really can’t help it.