Energy Versus Hyperactivity

Before Lyme, I was the Queen of High Speed. Electric and lit like a thousand watt bulb.
Plug me in and watch me go! Moving, fast, full speed ahead, a super comet, super woman…
….And then, Boom! I crash.

Now, even with Lyme, on a good day, I still bounce around the house like the energizer bunny, then jump in my hamster wheel and go, go, go! Hurry, faster, faster! And I still crash, but harder now.

But isn’t it great when it comes? I mean, that burst of energy? I just can’t help but be an adrenaline junkie when my little mitochondria supply me with a bit of ATP, even though a voice is hissing inside my head, “This is part of the reason you’re in a chronic fatigue fix!”

I’m starting to realize, though, that this energy is really a Lyme symptom–and its name is hyperactivity. So it’s not real energy, but a force which compels me to go, go, go, and do life at a breakneck speed before crashing and burning.

“You’re always in a hurry,” my mother says to me.

Well, at least I have a good excuse now. Who knew that hyperactivity was a Lyme symptom?
(So I guess I don’t need any Red Bull, though I could do some great promos for the company without having to ingest a drop of the stuff)

But it’s 11:15 PM… and I really need to stop this compulsion to do, do, do!

I’m convinced I can take life slower. Yes, I can beat those Bb buggers who plug me into a socket and keep me wired but tired all day! And it starts right now, by signing off…