How Do You Know When A Demon Is Behind Disease? – What I Learned from a World-Renowned Healing Minister

This past week, I had the honor and privilege to receive ministry from a world-renowned deliverance minister, Bob Larson, who has conducted exorcisms on more than 40,000 people over the past 50 years. In this teaching, I share a little about what the Lord has taught me over the years about the role of demons in disease, and what I learned from Dr. Bob this week, as well.

Have you ever wondered whether there is a specific demon behind Lyme disease, mold toxicity or other illnesses? Here, I provide insights into that, and other questions related to disease and demonic oppression. I pray this message gives you hope that if medicine hasn’t healed you, God still can!

To watch the teaching, click on the following link:

Teaching on the Role of Demons in Disease