Twelve-Week Spirit-Soul-Body Wellness Coaching Program – Coming This Spring!

Despite all the great discoveries that have been made in medicine and which have helped me, and perhaps many of you in your healing journeys, God has been showing me that as the world becomes increasingly toxic, we will need better tools to heal and/or remain well. As part of that, I believe that focusing on knowing God, and the health of our soul and spirit is vital.

 Like me, I’ve observed that many people who are battling chronic conditions such as Lyme disease, mold illness and other forms of environmental toxicity have spent many thousands of dollars, and many years trying to get well—with limited success. As I’ve prayed about this in recent years, God has been showing me that there are better answers in the supernatural realm.

 Therefore, the 12-week coaching program will focus on restoring the whole person: spirit, soul and body – and will include tools that God has given me in recent years to do that. The program will include 12 teachings, followed by healing prayer. As well, I will offer one-on-one coaching for those who are interested, to help you personally implement the tools in your life. So you can sign up to simply listen to the teachings, and/or get further guidance and one-on-one coaching and prayer.  If you are interested in the program, please email me so I can add you to the notification list when it begins.

In the 12-week program, you can expect to receive tools that will empower you to do the following:

  • Know God better, receive His love and find healing through relationship with Him. Overcome any roadblocks to relationship.

  • Discover the true identity that God has given you, including the power to heal and overcome disease.

  • Discover 3 Ways that God supernaturally heals: 1) The anointing 2) By living out His Word and 3) Faith.

  • Understand why healing is always God’s will and how to appropriate it within the context of brain retraining programs and mind renewal.

  • Clean up your home: how to mitigate EMFs, mold and toxic chemicals. Supernatural solutions for living in a toxic world.

  • Assess your lifestyle: what’s working, what isn’t, and how to identify “root” issues that may be holding you back in your healing

  • Discern emotional blocks to healing and replace lie-based beliefs, thoughts and behaviors with those that are life-giving

  • Discover your life’s purpose and what you were created for. How to advance in your calling, even while sick.

  • Find foods that fit a unique you, and which foster wellbeing

  • Take nutrients that support your recovery from chronic illness, especially brain nutrients.

  • Be balanced hormonally

  • Detoxify your body from environmental pollutants

  • Establish life-giving relationships and identify unhealthy behavioral patterns that may be keeping you mired in disease

Also, if there is a topic that you’d specifically like to learn more about, or which you feel would benefit you in your healing, feel free to send me your suggestions and comments at: Thanks!