My New Book! New Paradigms in Lyme Disease Treatment: 10 Top Doctors Reveal Healing Strategies that Work

Note: This article was originally published on Also, as an update to the information in this article, New Paradigms in Lyme Disease Treatment will be published later this month and will be available for purchase on my website as well as at 

I’ve often said that chronic Lyme disease is a quagmire for even the most brilliant of minds, and that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all treatment protocol that works for everyone. I’ve written many books, blogs and articles on Lyme disease over the past eight years, to share what I’ve learned from Lyme-literate doctors and my own research, in the hopes that this information would help those who haven’t found answers or healing through the resources currently available to them.  
While I believe these writings have helped many people, much better answers for Lyme have emerged since the publication of my last doctor interview book in 2009. So this fall, I will be releasing a new book entitled, New Paradigms in Lyme Disease Treatment: Ten Top Doctors Reveal Treatments that Work. Here, 10 of the world’s most successful Lyme-literate doctors will share new, innovative approaches to Lyme disease treatment.
One thing that makes this book unique is that the doctors describe healing strategies that haven’t been discussed at length elsewhere. This includes things such as intravenous phospholipid, silver and ozone therapy; bio-magnetism, low-dose immunotherapy, hyperthermia and essential oils, and hands-on treatments and devices that literally “re-boot” and “re-program” the body.
The doctors also discuss how to use traditional tools such as antibiotics and herbal remedies in smarter, gentler ways. The motto within the Lyme community once seemed to be that strong Herxheimer (or detoxification) reactions were a sign of successful treatment, but many Lyme-literate doctors now believe that heavy-handed treatments are not better, and can even be harmful, because “Herxing” means that the body is toxic and that toxins are not being effectively cleared from it. 
I don’t know about you, but the fact that people can get well without having to endure heavy-handed Herx reactions and feel horribly sick for several years before feeling better, is great news to me and gives me hope.  I spent many years enduring difficult Herx reactions myself, as the result of the harsh treatments that my doctors gave me, and in the end, I never seemed to feel better. Instead, I spent years on my sofa, floor and bed in agony, yet believing the “Herxing” was somehow good for me. It’s time for a paradigm shift! You shouldn’t have to feel worse for months or years before you feel better.
Speaking of hope, all of the doctors in New Paradigms in Lyme Disease Treatment will tell you that healing from Lyme disease is possible, and that you can recover, with the right tools. While every doctor represented in the book has a unique way of treating Lyme, one thing that they share in common is that they all aim to heal the body from the “ground up,” not just treat infections. They understand that Lyme disease isn’t just about treating a handful of infections called Borrelia, Babesia, Bartonella and Ehrlichia, but about correcting the multiple systemic and organ dysfunctions and damage that have occurred in the body as a result of microbes, mold, environmental toxins, trauma and other problems that are involved in Lyme.
As I wrote in the Preface of New Paradigms in Lyme Disease Treatment “Many doctors now believe that the term “Lyme disease” is really a misnomer; a label to define chronic illness involving Lyme-related pathogens. This is because people get sick due to a weakened immune system, which doesn’t just occur because of infections, but many other environmental factors. So in reality, healing isn’t just about eliminating a defined set of pathogens collectively called “Lyme disease,” but about restoring and rebuilding the “terrain” of the body so that Lyme pathogens can’t flourish there. Lyme microbes are a cause of disease, but they are also the result of an immune system that has been weakened by other factors. Those factors must be addressed if people are to fully recover.”
I am also excited about this new book because the doctors share things that you can do from home that will aid you in the road to recovery. By themselves, these tools may not fully heal you—and I don’t recommend self-treatment for Lyme anyway, as it is simply too complex and complicated for most people to navigate on their own. Yet I recognize the reality that many people don’t have the funds to see a Lyme-literate doctor on a regular basis or have already spent thousands of dollars to get well and have perhaps depleted their treatment funds. (I’ve been in that boat myself, many times). For this reason, I asked the doctors to share with me safe therapies that people can do from home, and a few went to great lengths to do this, as well as to share herbal protocols that you can do on your own.  

Whether you are just beginning your healing journey and are looking for a good doctor to help you get well, or are a seasoned Lyme veteran who needs to find a new treatment approach or new adjunct tools for your healing because those of the past haven’t worked, you will find information in New Paradigms in Lyme Disease Treatment that will help you. I believe this book is my best work yet, and contains a wealth of information that will help you to navigate the challenges of chronic illness.
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