Lyme Stop: A Novel New Treatment for Lyme Disease

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New treatments for Lyme disease are continually emerging, with some appearing to be more effective than others. The tried and true treatments have, up until now, mostly been limited to antibiotic and herbal remedies, as well as oxidative therapies such as ozone. Other treatments, such as hyperthermia, IV silver, and even Rife machine therapy also have proven to be of benefit to Lyme sufferers.
Still, these therapies haven’t helped everyone, so I was excited to recently learn about another type of unconventional treatment that has been emerging over the past five years, which has apparently been helping many people that the more conventional treatments have not. 
It’s called LymeStop, and it is a hands-on, brain-body technique developed by Tony Smith, DC a chiropractor who has developed and/or used a number of natural healing techniques over the past 36 years to treat a variety of chronic health conditions. LymeStop integrates several of these hands-on neurophysiological techniques, and is an effective, all-natural method of identifying and eliminating Lyme-related infections.
It is difficult to adequately explain how LymeStop works in a short article, but basically, it involves manually stimulating certain points on the brain and body with magnets and the hands. Each body point corresponds to a particular infection, and by simultaneously stimulating those points, along with the brain, the brain is given a signal to go after the infection- wherever it happens to be in the body- and kill it.
Interestingly, the body eliminates the infections over a period of months, even though the treatment is typically completed in only a week. It also modulates the Herxheimer reaction over time so that, as in Dr. Smith’s words, the body “kills and relaxes, before killing and relaxing again.”
There is a Lyme Stop Facebook group, where members can post their experiences with the treatment. After studying the site for months and observing people’s responses to the treatment, I was so impressed that I invited Dr. Smith to participate in a chapter in my upcoming book, New Paradigms in Lyme Disease Treatment: 10 Top Lyme Doctors Reveal Healing Strategies that Work. 
When I interviewed Dr. Smith, I was even more impressed with the kindness, humility and compassion that came through in his voice when he spoke about his work and described his heart for Lyme patients. Having battled Lyme himself, Dr. Smith intimately understands the battle that Lyme sufferers face, and was able to heal himself using his own technique.
What is really unique about LymeStop is that it is a relatively inexpensive, fast treatment that can be completed in a week, which is followed up by one or two follow-up treatments months later. Does this sound too good to be true? I would say so, except that if you look on the LymeStop group on Facebook, you’ll find testimonials of people who have experienced radical improvement in their symptoms, many of which have lasted for a year and beyond.
Like all treatments though, LymeStop seems to be more helpful to some people than others, and I believe that for many, other co-conditions that are often present in Lyme disease must also be addressed. Removing infections isn’t the only factor that influences recovery, but I am optimistic about the potential of LymeStop to provide new answers to the quandary of Lyme, especially for those who haven’t found help elsewhere.
To learn more about Dr. Tony Smith and LymeStop, see: Dr. Smith’s work is also described in New Paradigms in Lyme Disease Treatment: 10 Top Lyme Doctors Reveal Healing Strategies that Work.