Healing Body, Mind and Spirit with God and Medicine

If there’s anything I’m known for, it’s probably as a medical writer on Lyme disease. Indeed, three of my eight books are about Lyme disease. I wrote about Lyme disease for a long time because the disease caught me in its clenches and for years, I wanted nothing more to free myself and others from it.

I’m on a different path now, because God has expanded my vision to see myself and others healed, not only from the insidious hell of Lyme, but all that accompanies it, and the multiple systemic dysfunctions, toxins, heart-sickness and spiritual brokenness that many of us who have suffered from chronic illness have had to contend with.

Besides, as the title of this blog indicates, God has shown me that walking in wholeness is first and foremost, a matter of the spirit. Our spirits have been given charge over our souls and bodies, so when the spirit is well, the emotions and body often follow.

In this blog, I will be sharing what more than 12 years of suffering, experience, research and seeking God have taught me about healing- in the spiritual, emotional and physical realms.

Medical knowledge is helpful, but herbs, vitamins and hormones don’t always get us to where we need to be. Neither does an awareness of our dysfunctional thought patterns or our practice of psychological principles or positive thinking. Sometimes, a first-hand encounter with Our Creator, or an embrace from a friend, to show us that we are unconditionally loved- are what will heal us more than any medical treatment.

But healing is a process, and the vitamins, herbs, counseling and whatnot are all essential pieces of the puzzle so that we can get to the next stage in our journey. Sometimes, it’s the amino acids and hormones, for instance, that give us the mental power and motivation to be able to pray, but it’s the communion with God that gives us hope, direction, purpose and ultimately the ability to heal, no matter the method or medicine that He uses.

Supernatural healing miracles rarely bring anyone to wholeness, because we still have to eat our peas and carrots, and walk in the ways of God’s Spirit to be well- but miracles are for real and I believe that 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ became an atoning sacrifice for humanity, dying on a Cross so that we would have the opportunity to walk in greater freedom here on the earth. The Bible says that He came to earth to set the captives free, and it wasn’t just from the captivity of death and sin, but also sickness.

As Isaiah prophesied in the Bible, many hundreds of years before Jesus came to earth, “By His Stripes we are healed.” (Isaiah 53-3-5). There is incredible power for healing in the Word of God- the Word being Jesus Christ and the Bible- as well as in a personal relationship with Him. But it’s not about rules or religiosity- it’s about knowing who He is for us, and how much He loves us, no matter our color or creed. In this blog, I hope you will taste the goodness of Jesus Christ, as you also benefit from what God has taught me about medicine and healing miracles. God bless and hope to “see” you here again soon.