Treating Lyme Disease With Natural Remedies

While antibiotic treatments are sometimes necessary for people to recover from Lyme disease, they also damage the immune system and other organs/systems of the body. For that reason, I always encourage people to try natural protocols first when treating Lyme disease. One physician whom I have come to greatly respect for his success in treating Lyme disease using natural medicine is Lee Cowden, MD. I strongly believe that he is one of the most knowledgeable, caring Lyme-literate physicians worldwide. While Dr. Cowden no longer actively practices medicine full-time, he continues to teach doctors and patients about his natural treatment protocols, which have helped thousands of people to recover from Lyme disease and other chronic health conditions.

Following is an hour-long presentation on Dr. Cowden’s support program for Lyme and co-conditions that accompany Lyme. This presentation was done at the 2012 Austrian ILADS Lyme disease conference, and is well worth watching!

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