Prayer and Fasting for the Healing of Others

As many of you know, I have established a bi-monthly prayer group for those suffering from Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses. If you scroll down to the right-hand side of this blog, you will see a link which takes you to a list of those who have requested prayer for healing from Lyme and other illnesses. Please keep these people in your prayers! You can add your name to the list by going to this site: Due to my current workload (which is a bit more than I can handle these days!) I won’t have time to add specific requests to the list myself. Prayers for healing, financial and relational provision are most important. Also, this week, from October 6th-13th, there will be a group of people who are fasting and praying for those with Lyme disease, including all those who are mentioned on this list. Great power is released within the spiritual realm when people pray and fast for others, so please consider joining in on the fast!