New Books–On Supernatural Healing and Cancer

This year, I have expanded my research efforts into two new areas; supernatural healing and cancer. While I still maintain a strong interest in Lyme disease, I have felt led to pursue other areas of medicine and healing, and in November, I will be publishing a new book, entitled: Healing Chronic Illness: By His Spirit, Through His Resources. While this book doesn’t deal with specific treatments for Lyme disease, it is a great healing resource for those with Lyme. It demonstrates, from a Christian perspective, why physical, spiritual and emotional healing are God’s will for humanity, and how God provides healing in all of these areas-supernaturally, as well as through medicine and a relationship with Him. It proposes that God has made supernatural healing available to all of us, but that there are sometimes roadblocks that must be addressed before we can receive that healing. While written from a Christian perspective, I believe that people of all faiths can appreciate this book. It is based upon my relationship with God, and what I have learned about healing; through books, conferences and my experiences of having witnessed and experienced many healing miracles. This book can provide an invaluable source of hope to those who have been struggling with Lyme disease for years, and especially to those who haven’t been healed by medicine, despite years of treatments. Most importantly, the book provides hope in a loving God who desires nothing but wellness for His people. I invite you to check out this God and see if His promises are for real! More information on this work will be available soon.

Currently, I am also writing a book which explores effective cancer treatments in naturopathic and integrative medicine. My research for this book involves interviewing top medical and naturopathic doctors, in the United States and around the world, who are having success treating terminal cancers using a variety of integrative treatment approaches. Through this book, I hope to provide better solutions to those who are suffering from cancer. More information on this book will also be available soon on a separate website.