How Bioenergetic Testing Accelerates The Healing Process

One of the greatest challenges in treating chronic Lyme disease, and chronic illness in general, is discerning not only the infections that are present in the body, but also the cogs in its biochemical wheel that are missing or broken. Lab tests, while helpful for discovering what infections are present, and where the body’s processes are running amok, yet fail to reveal many things. They don’t comprehensively reveal all of the infections that are present in a person and whether these are active and causing symptoms. They also demonstrate very little about the body’s biochemical processes and which practitioners need in order to heal their patients.

Bioenergetic testing devices and muscle testing techniques, such as ART (autonomic response testing), can provide more precise and comprehensive answers to the “what, how and why” of what’s going on in the body. Provided that the tester knows what he or she is doing, and unfortunately, few practitioners that muscle test, get accurate results 100% of the time. I’m not convinced that all of the bio-energetic devices that they use are super accurate, either, or that they are skilled in their use.

Still, I believe that doctors who are able to effectively use state-of-the-art bioenergetic devices, and/or perfect techniques such as ART (autonomic response testing) on their patients, have a powerful advantage over those doctors who rely exclusively upon a symptomatic assessment and lab tests to discern what their patients need.

If every doctor or health care practitioner who treated people with chronic Lyme disease would use ART or some form of sophisticated muscle testing as part of their diagnostic procedures, I believe that more people with Lyme would be healed–sooner and faster.

Why? Following are the reasons.

1) ART and other bioenergetic testing techniques can reveal all of the infections that are present in the body. They can detect strains of babesia, bartonella and borrelia (as well as other infections) that lab tests miss. A person who tests negative for borrelia on a Western Blot lab test may test positive for the infection via ART.

ART can also reveal the presence of infections for which no lab test yet exists.
Most Lyme-literate doctors would agree that tick-borne infections are spreading at an alarming rate, and that new organisms are continually being discovered in these ticks which transmit new and different types of infections to humans. No lab test exists for these species of tick-borne infections, and often, a clinical diagnosis is insufficient for diagnosing such infections. For instance, it was only through ART testing that I learned that I had six different strains of babesia. No lab test even exists for four of the strains that were found in my body, and a clinical diagnosis would have been insufficient for discerning the symptoms that these infections caused. I have also discovered other infections in my body through this type of testing, and consequently, the appropriate remedies for them.

2). Once the infections are found, specific remedies, which are tailored to the individual, can then be given to target these infections. While certain medications,herbs and other treatments have been established and accepted within the Lyme disease medical community to treat different infections, sometimes, people require remedies that are entirely outside of the “norm” of what would conventionally be prescribed for those infection(s). That’s because the optimal choice of remedy doesn’t depend solely upon the infection being treated, but also:

a). The specific strain of the organism that’s present
b). The form in which the organisms exist (ie, as a cyst, spirochete, encased in a biofilm, etc.)
c). Where the infections are located in the body
d). An individual person’s biochemistry; their metabolic processes, deficiencies and excesses, which would ultimately render a remedy effective, ineffective, or toxic to the body.

Without knowledge of the aforementioned, which can usually only be determined through bio-energetic testing, practitioners are, to some degree, left guessing at what their patients need. Yes, Mepron and artemisia are the “standard” remedies of choice for babesia, but they don’t get rid of all strains of the organism. I learned this through personal experience. After eight months of taking Mepron, artemisia, noni, cryptolepsis and other remedies for babesia, I learned through ART that my body had become allergic to Mepron, and that the other remedies weren’t effective for the babesia that remained in my body. Subsequently, I discovered that A-BAB, a combination herbal remedy distributed by BioResource, would be more effective for at least some of what remained of these infections. I have known people who have taken Mepron for as long as two years, and even after two years, their babesia infections remained. Is it because they required a different remedy? Probably, and in the meantime, their bodies suffered under the unnecessary strain of taking a heavy-duty pharmaceutical medication for many months. Mepron can damage the liver, dangerously lower blood sugar, deplete the body of COQ10, as well as cause a myriad of other side effects. These are a big deal. Being on a medication for months or years, without knowing whether it’s really eliminating an infection, is tragic. This is why ART is important. Because it enables the practitioner to discern at any given moment in time what the body needs. This is especially useful knowledge to have when treating borrelia, since the organism regularly morphs into different forms, quickly adapts to antibiotic and herbal regimens, and can evade the immune system. Regularly switching borrelia remedies based on bio-energetic test results, prevents the organism from effectively utilizing such survival tactics.

3). Energetic testing enables the practitioner to discern where infections are located in the body, and whether specific organs, tissues or systems are being stressed or damaged by these infections. Knowing where infections are clustered in the body is helpful not only for selecting the appropriate remedy for those infections, but also for knowing which remedies would be useful for supporting the part(s) of the body most affected by such infections.

Supporting and repairing the body is just as important as eliminating infections, and ART can determine what parts of the body require assistance (in the form of supplements and therapies) while treating the infections. Furthermore, it can provide a doctor with knowledge about which specific remedies work best for a particular patient. For instance, a half dozen different remedies can be given to heal dysfunctional adrenal glands, and lab tests will only reveal to what degree the adrenals are dysfunctional and/or stressed. They can provide insights into what remedies might be needed, but only ART, or energetic testing, can offer information on the specific remedies that a person’s body will respond to. Having this information eliminates the need to play the “trial and error” game on a patient, thereby accelerating the healing process. Much time is wasted on remedies that don’t work, and all because most doctors and practitioners are unaware that better testing methods exist, or are, for some reason, unable to use them in their practices.

There are other advantages to bio-energetic testing, and the practitioner who can effectively utilize ART or a sophisticated bio-energetic device, along with lab tests and a clinical diagnosis to ascertain what their patients most need, will have faster, and better outcomes with their patients. Sadly, not enough Lyme-literate doctors use ART or bio-energetic testing as part of their practices. The financial investment or time commitment required of them may prevent them from learning ART or purchasing a bio-energetic device, but some practitioners, such as Dr. Klinghardt, MD, PhD (who is also one of the developers of ART) teach others how to do ART. Seminars on this, as well as other types of bio-energetic testing, are available across the United States and in some European countries. I hope that more doctors and health care practitioners will take advantage of these in the years to come.

For a list of ART practitioners, visit: This directory is not specific to those who treat Lyme disease, so you may have to do some research in order to find a Lyme-literate doctor that practices ART or bio-energetic testing.
The time that it takes to find a competent ART practitioner is worthwhile, as it may mean the difference between being sick for another nine months, or another nine years!