Pursuing A New Path To Healing

May 2010 be a year of healing, peace and joy for those of us with Lyme disease!

I am shifting in a new direction with my healing this year. I will be focusing more upon God and spirituality as my primary source of healing. If you have read my last two posts, then you know that I have been receiving guidance from a number of sources to pursue this path, and that I believe that God can, and does, heal supernaturally.

That said, I will, for the time being, continue to do treatments to further my well-being. I prayed long and hard about this decision, because I have been tempted to completely halt the remedies for awhile, especially given the revelations that I have received over the past couple of months. In the end, though, I have decided to continue with treatments, at least for now.

While no protocol seems to completely eradicate Lyme disease, treatments enable many people to get their lives back and I have improved greatly by doing them. But because I believe that they don’t completely heal most people, and because of my revelations, my focus and hope will be upon finding healing within the spiritual realm. So while I will be continuing with treatments, I won’t be sinking my hope into them, and neither will I be dedicating massive amounts of mental energy to fretting over the results that I get from them. My hope is that they would become a grain of salt in my overall healing process.

Up until now, the natural remedies that God has provided have healed me significantly, but, like all Lyme treatments, none has been a magic bullet. I used the Bionic 880 device, in conjunction with homeopathic nosodes, as my main protocol for treating infections this year, and it effectively eradicated all active forms of Borrelia burgdorferi in my body. As of yet, however, it has not eradicated all cystic forms of the organism, and neither has it been completely effective for treating Babesia. Because Babesia doesn’t exist in Europe, I surmise that effective nosodes for this infection must yet be developed for use in conjunction with the Bionic 880, as the ones that I have acquired in the United States have so far been insufficient for treating it.

So for the first time in four and a half years, I am turning to antibiotics, to use in conjunction with the machine. I took antibiotics for a couple of months immediately following my diagnosis in 2005, but because my doctor prescribed three drugs simultaneously and I was quite sick at the time, my body couldn’t handle the massive Herxheimer reaction that they caused. I have always resisted returning to antibiotics for healing, because I believe that they weaken the immune system, and are not a permanent solution to the problem of Lyme. But because they have the longest track record for effectiveness, and some people have been healed greatly by them, I have decided to give them a try once more.

My Lyme doctor in Denver muscle tested me and confirmed that I have multiple strains of Babesia, which is consistent with the results that I got when I tested myself with my biotensor earlier this year. He prescribed me Noni and Cumanda (from Nutramedix), along with Mepron. Because the doctor uses muscle testing to discern the specific remedies that my body will respond to, I feel confident in taking these for Babesia. Artemisia tested as being an ineffective remedy, which concurs with my experience with this herb. I feel privileged to have a doctor who can muscle test me for specific remedies, because that way, I can avoid those that are ineffective and/or harmful. Because not everybody responds well to the same, run-of-the-mill remedies.

In addition, I will be taking zithromax and ceftin for Bartonella, and in time, flagyl for the cystic forms of Borrelia.

My detoxification protocol includes homeopathic drainage remedies for the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system; glutathione suppositories, chlorella, folate (to correct for a genetic pathway defect in my liver), as well as walking, saunas and coffee enemas. I also take turmeric during treatments to reduce inflammation.

Other supplements in my arsenal include B-vitamins, Vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc, T3 hormone, progesterone, Vitamin C, Rechts-Regulat (to thin the blood and break down biofilm), probiotics, and sometimes, licorice for my adrenals.

Heavy metals remain a problem for me, but so far, my body is testing negative to every chelator except chlorella. In time, I hope to start Dr. Klinghardt’s KPU protocol for this problem, since heavy metals heavily compromise the immune system (see Scott Forsgren’s website for more information on the KPU protocol: http://www.betterhealthguy.com).

While I don’t believe that antibiotics will cure me, it is my hope that my god will use them as part of my healing process, and in the meantime, show me a better path within the spiritual realm.

May God bless you in 2010, and bring you the discernment, wisdom and encouragement that you need for your own healing journey!