Considerations in the Treatment of Lyme Using the Bionic 880

Lately, I have been posting frequently on the topic of the Bionic 880 because I know that watchful eyes are wondering whether this treatment really works for treating Lyme disease infections.

As many of you know, I traveled to Germany in April to do this treatment. Unlike some people, I did not improve right away from the treatments. In fact, I still don’t feel super stellar as a result, but I have spoken to enough people and read enough statistics about it to believe that it is probably quite effective for putting borrelia, and other bugs, into remission.

Whether it gets rid of chronic illness involving Lyme is another story, because, and as per my previous post, there’s more to healing than just getting rid of infections. The Bionic 880 may solve other issues, since it supposedly regulates the metabolism, but it can’t make up for deficiencies and it can’t help the body to detoxify.

When I left Germany, Dr. Woitzel advised me to continue doing intravenous detoxification cocktails after every Bionic 880 treatment, especially when using my blood as a homeopathic nosode.

Approximately two weeks ago, I went straight for the jugular and began doing treatments using my blood, along with the machine. In doing this, I have been potentially treating multiple infections simultaneously, but I felt that my body would be able to handle the treatment, and my cute little magic wand (which I use to energetically test treatments), the biotensor, seemed to confirm this.

After the second treatment, however, something unexpected happened. My body rejected the IV; due mostly to fatigue and poor circulation, I think. The consequence of this was that I spent the following three days on the sofa.

Yesterday, I decided to do a detoxification IV without doing a treatment. My blood had turned dark crimson due to all the toxic sludge from the treatments and the IV, which worked this time, turned it back to a happy cherry color. Not only that, but as I predicted, today I am feeling better than I have in weeks.

So I think the detoxification IV’s can be crucial, at least initially, for those who attempt to do this treatment at home. Otherwise, the biophotons can release too many toxins from the cells for the body to deal with. I don’t believe that “toughing out” such reactions is beneficial, either. For those with detoxification problems, creating massive toxin release may lead to a re-distribution of those toxins, rather than their elimination. Slow and steady with a hardy detoxification protocol wins the race with the Bionic.

I have to wonder if some don’t improve with this treatment because their bodies aren’t able to get rid of toxins, either because they haven’t continued to do intravenous cocktails after leaving Germany or because of an acquired or inborn genetic detoxification defect. Where the latter is true, then it seems that no treatment for infections would work, unless the problem is adequately dealt with.

Dr. Woitzel also emphasized to me that Bionic treatments are less effective when a person is exposed to too many electromagnetic frequencies. He even went so far as to say that they may be rendered totally ineffective by EMF’s! So important is this issue that he recommends that his out-of-town patients stay in a guesthouse (Guesthaus Klein) that is located in the black forest, where EMF’s are low. If EMF’s were only an incidental consideration in biophoton treatment, I don’t think that he would recommend that his patients stay so far out of town.

Since cell phones and computers are so much a part of our daily lives, however, avoiding these so that the biophotons can have their full effect upon the body isn’t realistic. At the same time, nobody knows exactly how much EMF exposure is too much, but I can tell you that some of my Lyme friends can’t tolerate to sit in front of my computer for more than fifteen minutes, and I have two diodes on it which are supposed to protect against EMF’s. Yes, diodes help, but I’m not sure they give a biophoton candidate license to sit in front of the computer all day.

As for me, I was fairly functional prior to going to Germany, and now I am fairly exhausted. My insomnia and back pain continue, and my POTS is worse than ever. But I don’t think it’s because the treatments aren’t working. It may be because I have been working on a new Lyme disease book (the end of which I hope is near!), which has obliged me to spend about six hours in front of the computer every day. This has probably slowed my healing down, but I was already deep into the project before I left for Germany and couldn’t toss it aside after the photon treatments. Another reason is because I decided to dive right into using my blood for the treatments shortly after leaving Germany, which means that my body hasn’t had much reprieve or chance to recover. Finally, I think that adrenal insufficiency may be playing a role, but I’m not certain of that. I do know, however, that one practitioner who uses the Bionic 880 believes adrenal insufficiency to be the biggest hindrance to the biophotons effectively working in the body, although Dr. Woitzel did not feel that this was an issue that needed to be addressed with me.

In any case, my goal after the month of June is to break my horrible computer and cell phone addiction, invest in an EMF canopy for my bed, and take the treatments a bit slower.

If you are considering traveling to Germany to do biophoton treatments, I would recommend taking the issues of detoxification and electromagnetic frequencies seriously. Avoiding EMF’s and doing a proper detox protocol during the treatments isn’t optional; these components are crucial, I believe, for the success of the therapy. Yes, there are those who will improve without intravenous therapy, and despite being exposed to a multitude of EMF’s, but unless you are sure that you are one of these people, I think that it’s a good to follow the doctor’s orders. Especially since this therapy costs as much as a new car and it would be a shame to lose out on some of its benefits just because you spent a few too many hours on your computer! Following the doctor’s orders is something that we are all reticent to do because we have been burned in the past by the “all-in-your-head” physicians, but I have confidence in Dr. Woitzel and his protocol.

Finally, being able to continue treatments once you return to the United States or your home country is important. While there may be those for whom five or six treatments will be sufficient to put borrelia into remission, testing must be performed on a monthly basis for a year following treatments, to ensure that the organisms don’t become active again. I can only surmise that there are some critters that remain well tucked-away within the nooks and crannies of the body and which the Bionic 880 is unable to reach in the first round of treatments. Therefore, having access to a machine after you leave Germany is important, and also to mop up any other infections in the body.