Doughnuts, Detox and the Bionic 880

I have a question for those of you who have a Bionic 880 device and who are using it to treat Lyme and other health issues.

Do you think if I strap a doughnut to my solar plexus and set the Bionic 880 to the frequency for allergies, that I can treat for my allergies to wheat and sugar? 🙂

Okay, just kidding. Well, sort of.

I have been back from Germany for a week now and I am a zombie. At first I thought it was just jet lag, but I think that the Bionic 880 treatments are attempting to normalize my hormones and circadian rhythm. For the first time in almost five years, I am crashing at night between nine and ten p.m., and waking up before the birdies. I would say that this is a good thing, were it not for the fact that I am currently only sleeping between four to six solid hours a night, and tossing and turning for another two or three. I slept just fine before I went to Germany, although it did usually take me an hour to get to sleep. Now I don’t even get to ten sheep before I am fast asleep. That’s a good thing. Well, gotta look at the positives when you are a zombie.

Fortunately, I discovered yesterday that VitaCost can deliver supplements to Costa Rica in just two days, at a much more economical price than I would have thought, and so I happily ordered some 5-HTP to address the insomnia issue. While Costa Rica is relatively up-and-coming in the natural supplements market, it’s yet difficult to find amino acids here.

I actually think that the Bionic 880 treatments have probably increased my energy somewhat, but it’s hard to discern amidst all the insomnia. Besides that, my postural orthostatic hypotension is normalizing a little, and despite my sleepiness and back pain which seems to get worse by the day, I have been in a relatively good mood. The moodiness I experienced in Germany seems to have gone bye-bye, which I am grateful for.

Other than that, I haven’t noticed any other changes yet as a result of the Bionic 880 treatments. Further research and conversations with others who have used this device have confirmed to me, however, that this type of treatment is most effective when the adrenal glands are adequately supported and an aggressive detoxification protocol is employed alongside the therapy. Otherwise, it can make a Lyme sufferer worse, just like most bug-killing protocol.

Pending the completion of my new book on Lyme disease, I will return to posting on other Lyme topics here, in approximately a month. At that time, I will post another update on my progress, and shortly thereafter, share some pearls of insight that I have gained as a result of writing the new book.