Blasting Bugs with the Blood

When I returned to Costa Rica from Germany nearly a month ago, I brought back with me a handful of the homeopathic remedies that Dr. Woitzel uses for his detoxification IV’s, which he administers following treatment with the Bionic 880. (See my posts from earlier this month for more information on the Bionic 880).

I purchased the homeopathic remedies, not knowing whether I would be able to find someone to administer the IV’s for me, once I started doing Bionic treatments on my own. Especially in the United States, where fewer practitioners are willing to administer substances that they are unfamiliar with.

Fortunately, my friend Nelly in Costa Rica, who is a former nurse, trusts my judgment in matters of medicine and was up for wasting two hours of her Saturday to help me with my do-it-yourself and do-it-at-home detoxification IV.

One of the things that I love about Costa Rica is that there is less red tape when it comes to getting the goods and services that you need in order to have fun with an IV. Indeed, it’s okay to color outside of the lines in some countries, and this is one of them.

After Nelly helped me to make a list of all of the gadgets that I would need for the cocktail; the angiocard, syringes, needles, bag of sodium chloride, etc., we telephoned a local pharmacy to request the goods, which they promptly delivered to my apartment on a motorcycle as if it were a Blackjack’s pizza, with the exception that the price of these was even less than that of a pizza!

Mission accomplished, my dear friend looked high and low in my apartment for a good place to set up the IV contraption. We found a nice hinge on my bedroom closet, and as Nelly prepared my detox cocktail using my suspicious German remedies, I took a sample of my blood, taped it to my solar plexus, and began treatment with the biophotons.

I don’t wield the biotensor with expert hands but my testing with the tool, along with Nelly’s, confirmed that it would be okay to do a biophoton treatment using my blood and the biophoton device at different points on my body, for five minutes per point, at twenty-five percent power.

I don’t necessarily recommend this protocol for everyone who owns a Bionic 880; more, but especially, less time on the machine may be required when treating one’s own blood in conjunction with biophotons. The blood contains the energetic blueprint of all of the infections that are in the body. Hence, doing too much treatment too soon using the blood as a homeopathic nosode may produce too much of a detoxification reaction, which is why it’s best to always do some type of reliable energetic test before blasting the bugs with one’s own blood.

The IV turned out to be a little tricky; the bag of sodium chloride that I purchased was filled to the brim and left little room for the homeopathic remedies, so Nelly had to empty it a bit. After this and some awkward maneuvering on the bed, I found a cozy spot where the cocktail could drip freely into my vein, and after that, the operation was smooth and relatively painless.

Thank God for friends! Without Nelly to hook me up to a detox IV, who knows what kind of reaction I would be getting from these treatments, or how much the treatment would have cost me in the United States?

And Nelly wouldn’t take even twenty pesos in compensation for the two hours that she spent with me today, but I hope to repay her someday for it, as well as for the next four IV treatments that she will be giving me over the next few weeks.

Not everyone who goes to Germany to receive treatments with the Bionic 880 will be able to follow up their treatments at home with the same IV cocktail that Dr. Woitzel administers in his practice. Yet, and as Dr. Woitzel emphasized to me, it is important to follow up treatments with a detoxification IV when the blood is used as a homeopathic remedy along with the biophotons. Personally, I think that if it isn’t possible for those with a Bionic 880 to do the same type of IV cocktail that Dr. Woitzel used, then some other type of aggressive detoxification protocol should probably be performed after the photon therapy sessions. One health care practitioner in Germany uses glutathione IV’s, for example, as part of her detoxification protocol following Bionic 880 treatments.

Photos: The Do-It-At-Home Biophoton and IV Detoxification Treatment