Happy New Year from Keystone, Colorado

Happy New Year!
Just so you all can see how powerful D-ribose is for energy, I have taped a brief video of my New Year’s ice-skating excursion to Keystone, Colorado. The type of physical activity portrayed in this video, along with other relatively strenuous exercises, were not possible for me to do up until recently. While I still suffer from symptoms of Lyme disease and recent tests have confirmed that I am not yet “Lyme free”, taking supplements such as D-ribose have restored some semblance of normalcy to my once super-sedentary life. (We’ll see if that changes when I start hitting the bugs hard core again this year in yet another round of borrelia bowling!). In any case, I provide this video to offer you hope, that there is life beyond Lyme and even in the midst of Lyme. Enjoy! 🙂