Re-writing The Rules For Rifing

Rife machines are remarkable devices for treating chronic Lyme disease. Most people experience some degree of improvement using the Rife, especially the Doug and EMEM machines, which have the longest track records for treating late-stage Lyme.

Yet some chronic Lyme disease sufferers don’t experience much, if any, improvement with Rife machines. Why? In an earlier post on Rife machines, I had written about one Rife machine builder’s perspective on treating Lyme with a Doug device. This man believed that the reason why some don’t improve with the Doug (and perhaps other types of Rife machines) is because they don’t run the Lyme frequencies for a long enough period of time. For instance, traditional Rife wisdom for Lyme disease sufferers seems to be that treatments should be run for three and a half minutes per frequency; however, this Rife builder believed, based on reports from those who had purchased his machines, that for some, treating for as long as seven minutes would be necessary in order to kill infections. But instead of running, say, seven frequencies for three and a half minutes each, only one or two–perhaps three frequencies, should be used when running frequencies for longer periods of time.

That he might have been right about longer treatment times being necessary for some was confirmed to me last week when my good friend, Les Roberts, informed me that as a result of my last post on Rife machines, he decided to use his EMEM-3 Rife machine for seven minutes to get rid of unbearable headaches, eye and neck pain from which he had been suffering for several weeks. He writes, “I fired the machine up again and concentrated on the frequencies I knew were effective for me… 432-864-306 and a few others I felt were beneficial. But this time, I increased the exposure time to seven minutes for each frequency. The herxes were horrible but after two weeks the symptoms resolved and I’m good to go! What a difference!”

In his message to me he also mentioned that in the past, he had reached a plateau with his EMEM-3 device; meaning, that at some point, the frequencies that he had been using were no longer effective for treating his symptoms. So it seems that the increased frequency time may have been what rendered the machine effective once again.

This may not be the case for all Lyme sufferers, however. For some, the standard three and a half minutes (or less) per frequency will be sufficient. In any case, if you are a first-time Rife machine user, start off with a thirty second treatment and work up slowly to three and a half minutes. If, after a time of experimentation you aren’t getting results from your device, you might try running frequencies for longer periods of time, as Les did. But proceed with caution! Rife devices are powerful and the safety of running frequencies for longer than three and a half minutes is somewhat unknown. It may, however, prove to be beneficial when the bugs seem to resist shorter sessions and you aren’t getting results.

By the way, I encourage you to check out Les’ book, “The Poison Plum.” It is a fantastic fiction book about Lyme disease that isn’t so fiction!).

Oh yeah, and for more information on Rife machines, check out B. Rosner’s book, “Lyme Disease And Rife Machines.”