What’s Working In The Lyme World?

Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody funded research that would help determine which Lyme disease treatments are working for people, and which aren’t? Yes, I know, such a study is about as likely as spirochetes sprinting over the full moon but I still have hopes. (Speaking of full moon, how y’all feelin’? It’s that time of month, you know).

It would just be nice to have some stats on treatments before a full-on Borrelia takeover happens worldwide. Unfortunately (and fortunately) when people actually do get better from this thing, it seems the last thing they want to do is spend time on Lyme disease forums and other Lyme hangouts to tell people, “Guess what! I’m healed!” So nobody knows what works and what doesn’t.

I get around a fair amount in the Lyme disease community and yet I only know of a handful of people who are in remission from this disease or close to it. These people used protocol that have not necessarily worked well for others, which indicates that response to treatment isn’t solely dependent upon protocol used. Biochemistry, infection type and loads, as well as patient adherence to protocol, are just some of the factors that influence how well different treatments work.

Putting these variables aside, however, and supposing we focus solely on treatments that eradicate borrelia and the most common co-infections, is it possible that there exists a strategy that is effective for a majority of Lyme sufferers? Would it be pharmaceutical antibiotics, herbs, or therapies found in energy medicine? How about the newer strategies, such as MMS or the Bionic 880, a bio-photon device from Germany?

If you read my blog, chances are, you aren’t healed from Lyme disease, but maybe you consider yourself to be 70-90% better, or you know of others who have been healed of Lyme by certain protocol. If so, I would like to hear from you! I want to give my readers the most accurate and up-to-date information on what strategies are working in the Lyme disease community, and right now, the only way we know what works is by what we hear from others who have been healed or from Lyme disease health care practitioners. If you are an LLMD and you are using a protocol that is healing people, I would especially appreciate hearing from you!

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Thanks for your consideration and for helping me to make this blog a better place for others; a place where truth resides (hopefully!) and where real remedies for healing are offered.

Oh yeah, and what has worked for me? You want to know. I wouldn’t swear my infections are all gone or into remission, but the big ones, according to preliminary bio-energetic and muscle testing, are supposedly not causing me problems right now. I am, however, still symptomatic for other reasons. As far as the infections, a combination of three different strategies found in energy medicine have been most beneficial for me. Herbs and MMS may have also helped to move things along. Don’t you wish it could be just cut and dry with this thing? (Sigh). I know, me too!