Levels Of Healing

You may have noticed that it is typical of me to write blog posts on at least a bi-weekly basis, and that I’ve fallen a bit off track this week. Traveling home to Denver this week (at least, I think that’s where I’d call my true “home”) has meant that my days have been filled with good-byes, travel and then greetings to others, leaving me with little time for other activities. Fortunately, I managed to scribble out a few posts on the airplane, one of which I share with you today.

Lately, I’ve been pondering the hypothesis that healing is a phenomenon that occurs on many levels. My beliefs coincide somewhat with those of Dr. Klinghardt, M.D., who developed a model of healing based on five levels, although my interpretation of these levels is slightly different than his. It is also important to note that Dr. Klinghardt credits the evolution of his model to a system of healing that has been developed from yoga sutras that are thousands of years old.

Much like Dr. Klinghardt’s “Five levels of healing” model, I believe that the lowest level of healing occurs on a physical, or biochemical level, and that the highest occurs on a spiritual level (although my reasons why may differ from his).

Let me elaborate. Healing the body on a physical level implies utilizing strategies that address the biochemical, or physical body. The physical is all that we can see, feel, and touch, and is recognized by traditional western medicine. As such, it is also the only level that western medicine typically treats. Herbs, drugs, vitamin supplements and hormones are examples of strategies that heal this level of the body. While treating the body on a physical level is the most basic way to heal illness, it may yet be all that is needed by some to heal from Lyme disease; however, if the source of illness originates on a higher level, for example, in the mind or the spirit, then solely treating the physical body may not be sufficient. So if you have a clean-cut case of Lyme, those antibiotics may be enough. But if you have Lyme plus unresolved emotional trauma stored in your tissues, then keep reading.

The second level of healing, according to Dr. Klinghardt’s model, occurs on the energetic plane. All matter is comprised of energy and even that which is not seen, such as the energy of thoughts, exerts an influence upon the body, positive or negative. By harnessing the body’s healing energies, or taking energy from other sources (such as from biophoton devices or homeopathic remedies), the body can be healed, on an energetic, as well as physical level (since matter is made of energy). Personally, I have found greater resolution of my symptoms through energy medicine than through more traditional western methods of healing. In my humble opinion, healing on this level, when the methods are adequate, is superior to healing on a physical level, because energy medicine encompasses both the physical and energetic planes.

But the body isn’t simply biochemical, and neither is it exclusively electric. I know that it’s in-vogue to believe that we are simply beings of energy, but I happen to believe that we are also beings with a soul, mind and spirit, and that while these (especially the mind) involve energy, they are yet beyond it.

Yes, sometimes energy medicine addresses the higher levels of healing, which involve the mind and spirit, but not always. Where this is the case, a Lyme disease sufferer must look deeper to resolve his or her symptoms. The mind exists on a lower level than the spirit, but healing on the level of the mind is often a higher form of healing than the physical or electrical body because it can command the body’s functions when it is working properly. Think about it. Disease is often created in the physical body as a result of trauma to the mind; troublesome thoughts manifest in the body as illness, and the immune system cannot function properly when the mind is a mess; indeed, while some degree of health may be obtained in the mind by healing the physical and electrical body, a mind that has not released the emotional patterns that have caused illness in the first place will create a body that functions only sub-optimally, at best. For example, you can’t hold unforgiveness, pessimism, and self-hatred in your mind and expect an anti-depressant to fix these sentiments, and subsequently, heal your body.

The highest level of healing, according to Dr. Klinghardt’s model, and my own beliefs, occurs within the spiritual realm. (I have skipped mentioning Dr. Klinghardt’s fourth level because I do not fully understand it, and I am not attempting to make a direct comparison between his model and my own beliefs; I am simply drawing a few correlations, as my interpretations differs from his in other ways, as well).

I believe that healing on a spiritual level is the highest form of healing that exists, because when it occurs on a profound level, it can heal all that has gone awry on each of the other levels, and furthermore, can prevent future disease better than any physical or mental strategy. So powerful and complete can healing be in the spiritual realm, that it restores the physical, electrical, and mental (including emotional) bodies. These days, I have become more convinced that the above is true, and that we as Lyme disease sufferers must look beyond the lower levels of healing, especially if we have been ill for years and seemingly tried everything to restore our health.

This is especially important if you believe that illness originates from a “break” in the spirit, and is the result of a life that is out of sync with God’s spirit.

The capacity for a lifetime of total health resides in the spirit alone. When a person is in perfect communion with God, himself and others, disease cannot exist in the body. When selfishness and fear are absent, and have given way to love, peace and the “fruits” of the spirit (as described, for instance, in the Bible), then the body responds with cells that sing with love and light, instead of darkness and disease. Logically, this makes sense, too. After all, how can God’s spirit fully indwell a body that is inhabited by disease?

I am not saying that those who are sick are not loving, godly people; quite often, the opposite is true! There may yet be, however, a “break” in the sick person’s spirit that has not allowed him or her to fully embrace God’s spirit. It is, however, difficult to receive the fullness of God’s love on a level that induces spontaneous healing to the body. Quite frankly, I don’t know how it happens but I know that it does.

Also, this kind of miraculous healing is not, in my mind, the same kind of supernatural healing that happens when God chooses to heal a physical ailment of some kind, because the latter scenario doesn’t necessarily require that a person be in communion with God in order for the healing to happen. To me, they are separate, but both important, phenomenon.

Lately, I have been spending many hours dwelling within God’s presence-or at least, attempting to do so, because I have come to the conclusion that this pernicious illness cannot be eradicated in any other way for me. While I may yet rely upon physical, energetic and other strategies for my well-being, I am no longer convinced that any of these can carry me back to a total state of health (whatever that means, since all of us will always have work to do in our spirits). But what I am referring to here is my physical body.

I believe this because I know the weight of what my cells carry from the past; the emotional trauma has become a part of my DNA and while altering my thought patterns and performing therapies such as Quantum Techniques has enabled my body to rid itself of much of this “junk”, these strategies cannot restore me fully to a perfect relationship with my creator, nor can they provide me with a perfect knowledge of His love (although granted, they can enable me to understand Him on a more rational level by means of restoring my brain’s functioning).

So I need God’s help, and I believe that by spending time getting to know Him and by being in relationship with Him, I may one day be fully healed in my physical body. Maybe. In any case, I believe that at the basis of all illness, of all that ails us, is a lack of knowledge, of total awareness, of God’s love; of who He is and who we are meant to be in Him.

Perhaps your god isn’t a “He”; perhaps you don’t even believe in God. Perhaps you don’t need a spiritual strategy to get over Lyme disease, just some antibiotics and positive thinking. If so, good for you!

But if you know you carry emotional pain; if you know that the antibiotics or the Rife machine or your MMS aren’t getting you to where you need to be, I urge you to spend time in the spiritual realm, with God and in the higher places of your mind. In the powerful places of wisdom, called conscience and intuition, where great truths are often revealed, and great healing is known to occur.

As one of my blog responders wrote, when it comes to looking for health solutions, “Go to God, not Google.”

I really like that thought.