The In-Vogue Testing Device of 2008

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew about each and every little infection in your body? What if you could discern your toxin levels, and the organs in your body that need the most help?

Wait…now you can! An exciting new (well, relatively speaking) device called the Asyra, can tell you all these things, and more.

One of my Quantum Techniques practitioners used one of these devices to discern where borrelia was hiding out in my heart, and he tested me on the device from a distance, over the phone. That is, while I was in Costa Rica and he was in Hawaii. Don’t ask me how he did it; I know it wasn’t voo doo, but rather, some technique based on bio-energetic principles and which seemed to be quite effective.

At the LIA conference, I had the honor of meeting Asyra face to face, and as I grasped its two brass electrodes in my hands, it began spitting out on a computer screen a voluminous list of all the garbage in my body, which was then displayed on a larger screen in the background, for all the passersby to see.

“Your toxin levels are low,” the Asyra representative informed me, “but you have a fair number of auto-immune processes going on.”

Great. Lately, I’ve been learning that those “auto-immune processes” are part of the complication of treating Lyme disease. You can get rid of all the bugs and toxins that you want, but if your body doesn’t know that the war is over, you’re still going to have problems.

But never mind that. How did the Asyra discover these things, in just thirty seconds flat? Well, by screening for energetic disturbances in my body’s electrical system. These disturbances reflect imbalances in my physiology, as well as the presence of toxins and pathogens. The Asyra then provided a list of suggested therapies to correct those imbalances. As well, it is capable of imprinting “balancing” homeopathic frequencies into a liquid carrier medium, so that homeopathic preparations can be made for different imbalances.

The Asyra can test and treat a multitude of problems, from allergies, to hormone imbalances, infections, miasms, musculoskeletal issues, vertebral misalignments and other imbalances.

A machine that can accurately detect every single problem in the human body, from hangnails to hangovers, sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Maybe it is. Since it measures energetic imbalances and not the actual presence of pathogens, I have to wonder if it is 100% accurate in its diagnosis of Lyme and co-infections. For instance, my “sample” test revealed energetic frequencies for not one, not two, but THREE strains of babesia (in addition to the two that I have already treated for and supposedly eliminated!). Since none of these babesia strains can be tested for in conventional labs, I don’t know whether or not to believe that these infections actually exist in my body. On the other hand, if the results of my test are accurate, then this could mean that the Aysra’s capability for detecting Lyme and co-infections is far greater than any other testing method out there.

And what about the homeopathic preparations that can be made from the results? How do they compare to traditional antibiotics, herbs, or other energy-medicine remedies?


Asyra intrigues me. If you know more about this device, please feel free to comment below! And if this is the first you have heard about this amazing machine, consider treatment with a Lyme-literate practitioner who uses it, as a potential source for accurate testing and treatment of borrelia and other infections.