A Few Photos From The LIA Conference

Have you ever wondered who your long-distance Lyme buddies are? Ever wanted to put a face to those Lyme docs who are in the trenches, helping others to heal from Lyme?

The LIA Conference (Lyme-induced autism) provided me with the opportunity to capture a few of these faces, at a dinner gala held one night at the conference, and which I share with you here.

The first photo featured here includes (from left to right):
Dr. Nicola McFazdean, ND, Kris Newby, Senior Producer of Under Our Skin, Dr. Amy Derkson, ND, (and behind Amy, oh sheesh, I forgot his name…he was a really nice guy, though! Can I blame it on Lyme?) and next to Amy, uh, well….there goes my Lyme again…She might have been a patient or practitioner, I am not sure. Okay, well at least I can stick a few names to a few faces. I must be somewhat healed from Lyme if I can do that!

The second photo is of yours truly and Scott Forsgren, (aka Better Health Guy and one of the foremost researchers in the Lyme disease field…and No, I’m not really THAT much taller than Scott–I’m wearing heels in this photo!

The below photograph is of me again with Tamara Gebhardt, fellow Lyme disease sufferer (but doesn’t she look SO good?…Geez, it must be an automatic phrase now…). Yes, that IS a glass of wine in my hand (shame on me, but it was my birthday! C’mon, it’s okay to cheat on your diet on your birthday, isn’t it?)

The meat of the conference will follow in this blog, once I get some rest after my long plane ride home…