The Bionic 880…The Next Great Lyme Disease Treatment?

I’m fond of energy medicine. Perhaps because it has helped me to heal to a greater degree than traditional Lyme disease strategies. So I was excited when I learned about the Bionic 880, a bio-photon device from Europe that has been extensively used in Germany, England and France over the past eight years to treat a multitude of maladies, including Lyme disease.

Bio-photons aren’t some modern, in-vogue invention, by the way. These weak electromagnetic waves exist in the body, and are essentially “light” that cells use for communication and other purposes. Without this “light”, cells become injured and cannot function properly. Yes, science is catching on to the fact that besides the molecular interaction of biochemicals, energy is important for proper functioning of the body. Many phenomena cannot actually be explained by biochemical action; they instead have their origins in information and energy.

Photon therapy aids the body in a number of ways. First, by affecting metabolic processes, including cell division, oxidation, phosphorylation, synthesis of hemoglobin, collagen and other proteins. It also positively affects the production of leukocytes, lymphocytes, enzymes, prostaglandins and connective tissue. It stimulates cells, modulates the immune system, regulates hormones and neurotransmitters, reduces pain (by increasing endorphins) and harmonizes the body and psyche in other ways.

Using a contact device, the Bio-photon 880 distributes bio-photons through the skin, which are then absorbed and distributed throughout the body, where they promote their health-promoting activities.

How does the Bio-photon get rid of borrelia, exactly? I don’t know the exact mechanism, but I have heard that when its light is injected into cells, it forces pathogens out of the cells, where they are then mopped up by a now-stronger immune system. Since photons aid in cellular communication, this device also increases the ability of the immune system to recognize and destroy pathogens. And, by balancing the body, the Bionic 880 creates an inhospitable environment for critters, so that they cannot exist there.

One practitioner, (check out: has treated over 500 borrelia patients with a 96% success rate using this device. While most conditions can be treated in 3-10 sessions, most chronic Lyme patients will require more than 6 treatments. Those who have previously taken antibiotics will need more, and the success rate for these patients is lower (at around 90%). But those aren’t bad odds for a bug that refuses to go away with most kinds of treatment! What I don’t know is if these statistics represent the overall improvement in health experienced by patients, or simply the eradication of borrelia. That is important to know, as most of us are not just sick because of a borrelia infection. Apparently, practitioners in Europe use homeopathic nosodes and various detoxification strategies along with the Bionic 880 to help support the body as it gets rid of the junk. A higher success rate is realized by doing this. Those who have extensive organ and tissue damage as a result of Lyme disease may also not receive immediate and dramatic results, as healing these takes time and no device is a miracle worker in this area.

Finally, the Bionic 880 can help to heal a multitude of symptoms and conditions, including: acne, arthritis, depression, inflammation, neuralgia, pain, osteoarthritis, sleep disorders, tinnitus and ulcers. As well, it can heal wounds. Most interesting, it was actually first used in France to cure people of smoking addictions, with a 90% success rate after only four days of use!

This device is not used by practitioners in the United States (although it may be in the near future). If you don’t want to fly to Germany, however, you can purchase one and have it delivered. Supposedly, they have been allowed into the United States. They aren’t cheap, though, so unless you have an inheritance, you might want to get a group of people together to share in the cost, which is somewhere between $9,000-$12,000 (my Lyme brain doesn’t recall the exact price). While it’s not pocket change, if it heals more than a few, then it might be worth starting a fund raiser so that you can and your Lyme friends can get one. Sheesh, I wish I could!