TLC For The Liver

Over the past month or so, I’ve been wearing the face of one who has smoked a bit too much weed. But little did I know, until this week, that my hemp-junkie eyes have really been the result of my liver clamoring in agony at all of the bug garbage it’s had to process lately. Huh? Yeah. Well, duh. The liver does affect the eyes, you know. Think of the jaundiced folks. Their eyes turn yellow because their livers can’t remove bilirubin from the blood (sometimes). So if your eyes are making you crazy, you might be having a neurotoxin release there, but your liver might also be struggling to detoxify borrelia remains. In the latter case, there are a couple of simple strategies you can perform to help the liver unload its toxic burden and give it a boost.

In previous posts, I have mentioned nutritional adjuncts and liver cleanses to support detoxification. Two things which I have not mentioned, and that have proven to be powerful for restoring my eyes–and hence, my liver–are lemon juice and castor oil packs.

Okay, so I’ve heard a million times that lemon juice is good for detoxification, but up until now, I’ve always considered it to be well…kind of a wimpy strategy for cleaning the massive crud from the body’s most important detoxification organ. But I’m learning that it’s not so wimpy. It’s clearing the red out of my eyes, for goodness’ sake! Which means my liver is getting a nice bath, too.

I concede, however, that while lemon juice is great, the restoration of my liver has been helped along by another strategy; castor oil packs. I haven’t done many castor oil packs in the past, because they are a bit of a nuisance. You have to pour castor oil all over a rag, lay it over your liver, and then find a heating pad or hot water bottle, to lay on top of the rag, then sit there and watch daddy longlegs move down the wall for a half-hour. Or else pray (which is what I do). I’ve never had creepy red eyes until now, which has motivated me to try the ol’ castor oil trick.

But it works! Along with some lemon water, castor oil packs have done much to mitigate the toxicity of my liver. They could have the same effect upon you, too. So next time somebody asks you what you’ve been smoking; next time you hit the critters hard, have elevated liver enzymes, or start waking up between 1-3 AM (a sign that your liver is burdened), try feeding your body’s most overworked organ some lemon juice n’ castor oil.