The Politics Of Lyme Disease

Something very wicked is going on in the world of Lyme disease. I’m not a conspiracy theorist at heart, but the more I learn about the lies that keep Lyme disease sufferers from adequate treatment, the more I realize I need to write about them. This blog hasn’t typically been dedicated to the politics of Lyme disease, but today, I’m in the mood for sharing some difficult truths with the world. And not because I’m angry, but because something needs to be done about this situation.

Did you know that Lyme disease, the fastest growing infectious disease in the nation, is being denied by governmental institutions as a serious problem? Are you aware that the FDA, CDC and government-sponsored Lyme disease organizations are ignoring blatant evidence that a few weeks of antibiotics won’t cure chronic Lyme disease, and in fact, are stating that chronic Lyme disease does not exist, when millions of sufferers have shown symptoms and test results to the contrary? That it does not exist, even though years of antibiotics or alternative remedies have ended up curing thousands of patients from that which their doctors initially told them they did not have?

Have officials of the FDA, AMA, CDC and government-influenced Lyme disease organizations all been brainwashed into believing a lie about this illness, or do the dark forces of money and fear rule their decisions?

Why won’t some of us acknowledge that perhaps something very evil is going on within the healthcare system? Is it that we need to believe that these governmental and other organizations are working for our good? What would be the ramifications of another truth, if that truth were as dark as I am painting it to be?

Yes, government institutions are made up of people; some of them with good intentions, others, not so good. But are those who are not well-intentioned capable of deliberately denying healthcare to millions whom they know are disabled or dying of Lyme disease? I would say it’s possible.

Most of you who read my blog are well-educated on this subject and what I am sharing here is old news to you. But to others, what I write may be viewed as simply one crazy lady’s Lyme-brained opinion, despite the fact that volumes of evidence exist to back up what I have written about the government’s errant approach to Lyme.

So why won’t these people open their eyes to reality?

I think it’s because, for some, accepting the truth about Lyme disease means accepting that they have been deeply betrayed. Like a parent who was supposed to protect them from the evils of the world, they instead wake up one day to find that this parent is a part of the evil, rather than their salvation from it. They depended upon that parent to help them when they were sick, but instead that parent turned a blind eye to their needs. That parent is their government; it is the FDA, the CDC, and the physicians they looked to for help, but who instead turned them away.

The other difficulty in accepting truth has to do with the responsibility that is associated with owning that truth. When we know facts that could save lives, we have to become activists or live with aching consciences, and becoming an activist involves risks. It will mean some furrowed brows, alienation from friends, and perhaps even persecution by the forces that were supposed to protect us.

But what if we don’t? What if we disregard what we know to be true because we can’t deal with the betrayal and the consequences of sharing what we know with others? In the case of Lyme disease, it can only mean one thing: the number of chronically ill will continue to rise exponentially and millions will eventually be left without a means to treat their illness. Over time, a significant percentage of the population will become disabled, resulting in a multitude of devastating consequences for our nation, and the world.

As it is, those physicians who understand the truth about Lyme disease are being persecuted for providing proper treatment to their patients. Indeed, any doctor who does so is to be highly commended because this person risks not only his/her license to practice, but also perhaps, his or her livelihood. Those who have been the greatest blessing to the Lyme disease community, those who have healed thousands of Lyme disease—tragically, are those who are currently under fire by the medical establishment. Don’t believe me? Please don’t. Do some research and decide for yourself.

I wish I could say that what I write is an exaggeration, but it barely fills the first page in a volume of lies, deceit and corruption that is destroying the lives of millions in the United States and around the world.

So why is there so much controversy surrounding Lyme disease? Why do the CDC, FDA and corrupt Lyme disease institutions deliberately deny the prevalence of, and treatment for, this
hideous disease?

I wish I had all the answers, but I surmise that if the truth were to be acknowledged, then thousands of malpractice lawsuits would ensue, and the costs associated with those would be tremendous for the powers that be. Then there would be other costs, such those who would suddenly be entitled to disability benefits for their “mystery” illnesses.

But I think the reasons go even deeper than that. Lyme disease is thought by those who are “in the know” to be a biowarfare complex escaped, or released, from Plum Island, Connecticut. A disease comprised of borrelia and at least seventeen co-infections, that were nicely packaged together to disable but not kill most who would be infected by it. What would be the ramifications if this were a fact and it became widely known by society? Yes, it’s just hypothesis, but hypothesis with quite a bit of substantial evidence behind it.

I’m going to just leave you with one more thought. Who gets rich off of sick people? You guessed it. The pharmaceutical companies. And who sits on the boards of the FDA and the CDC? Who is ultimately responsible for healthcare policy in the United States? You guessed it. Big Pharma.
What if Lyme disease were purposely unleashed upon society for the benefit of the drug lords? This would be the ultimate in deceit and betrayal, and it may be a far stretch for your belief system. I know it is for mine. There are some very well-educated people, however, who believe in this hypothesis, based on evidence that they have found in various places.

But true or not, we must consider the role that pharmaceutical companies play in the development of healthcare policy. Do those who sit on the board of the FDA, if they are representatives of pharmaceutical companies, truly want people well, or do they want to make a buck? How can a drug company ever do that if people are healed and don’t need their remedies in order to keep their symptoms in check anymore? Yes, there are well-intentioned souls who work for pharmaceutical companies, but they must not be the souls who are trying to make the purchase of natural healing remedies, such as vitamins and herbs, illegal, because the sales of these hurt their profit margins. They must not be the ones who are ignoring and denying the evidence about Lyme disease, because it doesn’t serve their interests.

Why do I share this? It’s certainly not cheering information, but it can help us to help one another, and that starts with sharing the truth with others, and becoming activists for change, so that research dollars become dedicated to efforts to eradicate the disease, unhealthy alliances between pharmaceutical and governmental organizations are broken, and sufferers are in the end, afforded proper treatment.