More On Mycoplasma

It’s pretty common knowledge in the Lyme world that most (if not all) Lyme folk suffer not only from borrelia infections, but also babesia, bartonella, and ehrlichia. But did you know that mycoplasma is also found in most (if not all) Lyme patients?

I’ve heard this before, but Dr. Charles Ray Jones, M.D., revered for his reputation of having helped over 10,000 children to heal from Lyme disease, affirmed this theory at last Saturday’s LIA (Lyme-Induced Autism) conference. Coming from a guy like Jones, hearing it again solidified my belief that we can no longer ignore this nasty little (or not so little) co-infection.

Tests for mycoplasma can be done at Clongen Labs As well, this lab also performs western blot and PCR testing for borrelia and other co-infections. (PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction. This expensive, and very technical test, detects the DNA of borrelia and other pathogens). So we now have another useful lab for Lyme disease testing, besides Fry, Central Florida Research and IgeneX.

Don’t despair; mycoplasma, while a serious infection that can cause disabling illness, can be effectively treated, along with Lyme disease. Dr. Jones uses zithromax for treatment of mycoplasma fermentans, the strain linked to Gulf War Syndrome and which is found in many Lyme disease sufferers. Strategies in energy medicine (noted in an earlier post on mycoplasma) are also proving to be useful for repelling the pathogen. Just don’t ignore this vicious little organism, as if you do, you may find yourself with an even more complicated disease than you already have now.