Detoxify With The Help Of A Tree

In eastern medicine, illness occurs because of disruptions to and imbalances within the body’s energy field. Correcting energy patterns can restore health, even to Lyme disease sufferers!

Today, a microbiologist/immunologist shared with me an interesting, and simple way in which we can remove negative, or harmful, energy from our bodies. Whether you are suffering from a detox reaction or an exacerbation of symptoms from other causes, performing this simple technique can help you to rid yourself of negative energy and correct the disruptions to the energy field that occur when the body is under stress.

All you need is a tree with some flat bark to suck up that energy for you.

I’m not kidding.

By taking your left hand and placing it over your right trapezius muscle, while touching a tree with your right hand, negative energy is literally pulled out of your body and absorbed by the tree. What does the tree do with the energy? I don’t know, but I have to believe that a monster tree can effectively take up the energetic crud of one human being without being adversely affected. And by holding your hand against the tree for five minutes or so, that symptom which is making you crazy might just disappear for a day.

If this sounds like an even more zany remedy than my energized water-bottle (posted two days ago), consider this: one of my intelligent friend’s clients was relieved of grand mal seizures (he used to have six of them a day) by performing the tree technique.

So look for a beautiful trunk with a flat surface area, give it your hand, and let the negative goop flow out…