Lyme Tests to Ascertain Detoxification Problems

If you read my previous post on detoxification this month, then you know that if your body has trouble removing biotoxins, you’ll struggle to recover from Lyme disease.

Fortunately, besides the HLA gene test mentioned in the earlier post, a couple of other tests exist which can help you to assess how well your body is detoxifying.

The first is the Leptin #146712, by LabCorp, a test that determines the degree to which biotoxins have affected your fat cells. Since toxins hide in fat, if you have a lot of them, then it may indicate that your methods for detoxifying aren’t working well, or that your body may need additional help, in the form of supplements and therapies, in order to eliminate your toxic load.

The second test measures levels of Alpha MSH of Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone in the body. Low levels indicate that you have a massive load of toxins or inflammation at a dangerous level in your body. The LabCorp test for this is #010421

These tests are intended only to provide insights into detoxification ability. By themselves, they are inconclusive, but when taken together, along with the HLA gene test and a clinical diagnosis, they can help to determine whether your ability to detoxify is compromised, and if so, what steps should be taken to correct the problem.