Dosing MMS

Miracle Mineral Supplement. This stuff is like dynamite. I can just picture it in my body, blowing up globs of foreign protein like a man on a serious mission to nuke the enemy. Okay, so that’s not quite how MMS works. More accurately, it removes electrons from pathogens, which disables them so that they cannot survive. But any way you look at it, MMS is powerful. So if you use it to treat Lyme, be careful how you dose.

Granted, no Lyme disease sufferer has taken MMS long-term and so it’s hard to know how much of the stuff to take and when. Fortunately, J. Humble, the founder of MMS (, is currently working to establish an optimal dosing protocol for Lyme disease sufferers. While he has devised an excellent protocol for treating malaria that works superbly almost 100% of the time, Lyme is a tricky one and experimentation with dosing is yet necessary.

Current theories on an optimal schedule include sipping the stuff every couple of hours, or pulsing high doses every two or three days. Pulsing can be a good idea because it may catch the bugs off-guard and break down the antioxidants that are thought to develop in the body when MMS is dosed constantly. According to one physician who has used MMS extensively with his Lyme disease patients, the build-up of antioxidants renders MMS less effective over time, and by taking breaks in-between doses, the body has a chance to break down these antioxidants. If you pulse, know what your body can tolerate before deciding upon a “high” dose. For some, it may be only two drops initially. If the herxing produces a significant exacerbation of symptoms, then stop! Conversely, if you do regular doses by sipping, make sure you only ingest small quantities, such as half a drop at a time, or you may end up spending the day with your best friend john. Other methods for dosing MMS include taking two or three doses a day, anywhere from one to four hours apart. The less time you leave in-between doses, the stronger your herxheimer reaction will be.

Personally, I don’t feel that the guideline (as outlined in Humble’s books) of ramping up to two 15-drop doses a day is wise for Lyme disease sufferers. What has worked for malaria and cancer sufferers is not likely to work for us. This illness is complicated and the profound herxheimer reactions associated with Lyme disease and co-infections mean that our bodies may not be able to reach the same threshold with the chemical as people who use MMS to treat other infections.
Listen to your body and you will get a good feel for what you are able to tolerate. If you plateau in your progress or consistently feel horrible, then it’s time to alter the dose.

While preliminary results of its use have been promising, we’re still wearing blindfolds as we handle the dynamite that is MMS. Hence, proceed with caution, and, if die-off symptoms become pronounced, detox and back down on your dose until the garbage clears from your system. Trying to ramp up to recommended levels when you feel poorly can be counter-productive, as the body will be forced to contend with an overload of toxins that it cannot process. Whatever doesn’t get processed is recycled back into the body. So don’t worry if three drops of MMS is all that you can tolerate. It’s okay. As long as you are getting evidence of a die-off reaction or improvement, then you know that it’s working.