MMS–Miracle Mineral Supplement For Lyme?

It’s guinea pig time again in the Lyme world as bundles of Lyme sufferers try out the latest pathogen killer. This time it’s sodium chlorite (or chlorine dioxide, once it’s mixed with some vinegar and hits your cells).

The discovery of this molecule by a brilliant man who found that it nearly instantaneously cured more than 75,000 in Africa of malaria, has now been brought to the internet and the world of Lyme disease. The free, downloadable e-book on how it works can be found at:

While its effects on chronic Lyme disease remain yet unknown, the guinea folk have so far experienced herxheimer reactions from its use and subsequent improvement in symptoms.

Fortunately, the MMS solution seems to me like a win-win situation, because it’s one of those protocol that supposedly can’t harm the human body, as the body makes chlorine dioxide to support the immune system, anyway.
So you might as well try it (just go slow with it, as you don’t want to overload your body with bug toxins!)

Furthermore, when taken with vinegar, lemon or lime, the release of chlorine dioxide in the body is controlled, at the same time that the ion deteriorates in its action of killing pathogens. That means no trace of the chemical is left behind in the body.

Rumor has it that the founder of the protocol believes that it’s necessary for chronic Lyme sufferers to take sodium chlorite for a year in order to heal. I don’t know if he’s already guinea-pigged some Lymies for an extended period, or if this is a guestimation based on what he knows about sodium chlorite and its action upon pathogens.
I also wonder if it’s something that can attack Borrelia in L-form and cystic form.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most powerful pathogen-killers known to man (chlorine dioxide is used to purify most commercial water supplies), which means that, chances are good that it’s beneficial for treating Lyme disease and/or the associated critters that often go along with it.